Monday, March 26, 2007

Boycott Whitehorse Motors!

Yes, you heard right! So you may be wondering why I'm back the day after I said I was going to be gone for a week...well Whitehorse Motors is your answer. We set out (my brother and I) this morning with the intention of making it to Whitehorse by tonight, but once we got to Eagle Plains (a truck stop about 180km from Fort McPherson on the Yukon side of the border) my brother received a call saying that Whitehorse Motors (hiss! boo!) had called and said they ordered the wrong parts for the vehicle in which we were driving down to Whitehorse to have fixed. Soooooooooo the whole trip would have been for nothing basically. Nothing practical anyways. But I did get to enter Yukon for the first time (but not the last! You're such a whore Yukon) and drive across the Arctic Circle.

So anyways, while I don't really have much to write for an update, I did take some pictures during the drive. Sorry for the shitty picture quality but most of the pics were taken through the truck window, and you're insane if you think for a minute that I was going to roll down the window every time I wanted to take a picture. I mean really though, what have you done for me lately? And also, it must have been near -50 going on the mountains, sooooooo I was a little tentative about leaving the warm warm truck. Forgive me. And one more thing, don't worry because I don't have massive cracks and nicks all over my camera lens, as again, the windshield was also going to be replaced. (Damn you Whitehorse Motors!)Okay here goes:

Here we are starting out from Fort McPherson on the Dempster Hwy:

Getting a bit closer to the Richardson Mountains (which, by the way, are the northernmost extremity of the Rocky Mountains we all know and love):

And now we're starting to go in through the mountains (and yes, I realize they aren't that big, but they still looked pretty cool, and I've lived a sheltered life, and I was hungry, and kinda tired, and well...)

Soon we arrived at the Yukon border, where the sun is obviously much brighter (hence the goofy look on my face at the top of the post):

To survive at the Yukon border, it takes a special kind of person,-NO...a special kind of MAN:

Soon after the border we arrived at the Arctic Circle, where everything is backwards. For instance, hamburgers eat people! And instead of signs shitting on birds, birds shit on signs! See here:

Oh wait, I guess that's just like everywhere else. But still, what I said about the hamburgers stands true.
Eventually, we arrived at what was unknowingly our halfway point for the day, Eagle Plains. I'd show you a picture of it but it's kinda pointless. In the middle of absolutely nowhere, there's a gas pump, a restaurant, and a lounge. It's called the Millions Lounge! I'm not really sure why though. And I just added the exclamation point after lounge to make you more excited. Did it work? (!!!!!!) Something funny I did notice was that right before you hit Eagle Plains there's a sign that says "NEXT SERVICE STOP: 385KM". I think it'd be fun to slow down in front of the gas pump like they'd all be expecting you to, and then speed off! They'd be all like "what are you doing!!?? Didn't you see that sign back there!?" Those cocky bastards.
Instead, I'll show you this snazzy sign:

and the view from the gas pump:

So after a quick meal (by the way, if you're ever hankerin' for a good cheeseburger, try hitting up the Eagle Plains Restaurant. Sure it's a bit out of the way, but whooooo boy talk about good eatin!) we began back to Fort McPherson, only to find out that the road had disappeared!!

Then I turned to my brother and was all like "what we gonna do??"
and he was all like "yeeeeeee friggidy hawwwwwwwww!"


(I think we're actually going to Whitehorse for real next week. So stay tuned.)

(and keep with the comments anyone who is reading, I wanna know what other people are up to. Or not up to. Or what they ate. Or what they thought about eating, but then decided they weren't going to eat that, and then decided on eating something compeltely different.)


Anonymous said...

Even though you can't feel temperature through blogs it sure looks cold up there. Ur the most northern person I have known, how 'bout that Alex. Old Man Jenkins sounds pretty awesome, second only to Joe Boyd.
I hope ur practicing on your baseline spin move, cuz ur gonna need it for when u git back. Let me know how the fishing/hunting is up there.
ps-i thought about having a roast beef sandwhich for lunch today, but switched to a pork chop sandwhich at the last second.
-Eric Wainwrong

Ben Bennett said...

The most exciting part of my day was Kraft Dinner. Man I sure could go for an Eagle Plains Restaurant Cheeseburger, however Oasis wings with Billy Thursday will have to do.

Anonymous said...

I could go for a nice juicy MLB.

Is that joke ever going to get old? I sure hope not.

chow said...

I must have been distracted and forgot to type in my name.

Alex said...

you're talking about the same MLB as me right?? "HERE COMES...M-L-B. HERE COMES M-L-B"

By the way, Eric I gotta know, what kind of bread did you use!?!?!?

April said...

Ok - scenery looking wicked. And I bet there was a cache at the bird shit sign. See - you never knew that all the time there was a secret world out there you knew nothing about. But HAH! Now you do, so you can go back and check.

If you remember to get a GPSr first.

That English Bird again

PS - I ate leftover Manager's Reception food today. Which was excellent. Followed by Front Desk posh chocolates. Which were even better.

Donelle said...

Interesting to know.