Friday, March 23, 2007

Real pictures!

Okay so I took a little longer than expected, but what's a day? Speaking of days, I'm still having a rough time adjusting to the whack days up here. Sun doesn't come up till I dunno, maybe 10 or so, and then doesn't completely go down till 10 or a few minutes after. Luckily, I'm unemployed and productive daylight hours mean nothing to me. But still! Think of the employed won't you?!
For instance, here's a shot overlooking the Peel River at about 9:30pm:

It stays kinda of twilighty like this for a good hour or 2.

But anyways...the trip? What trip? Ahh yes, the trip. The trip up here was a mix of good and bad. Halifax to Toronto was as predictable as you'd expect, and Toronto to Calgary was pretty uneventful too. There was this guy sitting beside my sister who was about 19 and had a tape measure on his hip. Apparently he was in soap sales? And he had a borderline obsession with arm wrestling? seriously? All I know is that he scorned my sister and I for our longings to get drunk once we got off the plane.
So then we arrive at the Calgary airport for a 3 hour stopover. Instantly, of course, we make a bee line (b-line? jet line? walking in a straight line quickly?) to the bar to get some much needed nourishment.

(I swear that Blue was only there because they ran out of Keith's!)
So anywho, the couple sitting beside us turns out to be a couple of Newfie's so we sat and talked with them for most of the rest of the time. They were both about in their 40's, and she was actually kinda hot, but I'll leave that for another time. He, on the other hand, looked just like Johnny Leopold.

So then we make the quick 40 minute flight to Edmonton where we had to hunker ( did I just make that word up?) down for the night as our flight north wasn't until 12 hours later (the next morning). I think this pretty much sums up the Edmonton airport:

Notice the glee and excitement in my pinky toe on my right foot...

Now I know what you're thinking: why not run around and play on the grass outside the airport? Well don't bother cause I was thinking the same thing only to hurry through the revolving door to....

I thought the Halifax airport was boring but Edmonton has gained newfound (dis)respect for the time being.

Okay so maybe you're getting bored of this by now, but for those of you still sticking around I promise I'll continue later with pics of places not everyone and their late barber has already seen. Soon. You'll see. You'll all see.


Johnny Leopold said...

Hey! no one's spose to know I was there! My ladies back home will slap me around if they find out. You're in a lot of trouble little Bushy!

Alex said... got it all wrong!
I'll be by at 4 to hit 3 buckets

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you never got familiar with the edmonton airport arcade! that is the best time ive ever had in that airport besides leanring how to french kiss from a real french girl... who was, french.


Alex said...

I suppose I was a bit hasty. After all they did just get in the Terminator 2 arcade game.

chow said...

A real french girl... who was french..

Thanks for making that clear Pat. That's what I like about you.