Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Big Book of Baby Names anyone??

Something you might be quick to notice here is that there seems to be a distinct lack of names. First names, last names, nicknames, etc. Or maybe it's all just a big joke that I don't get. But for some reason, it seems to be a requirement that all kids born here must have the name Charlie, Francis, Kay, Blake, or John/Johnny. Doesn't matter if it's the first or last name, they just need it. Sure, maybe I'm stretching the truth a bit, but isn't that what being a good neighbor is all about? (It isn't? Since when?...Oh, I see then)
To be honest, it's kind of fun since you're never more than 3 tries away from guessing a person's first and/or last name.
As always, I've provided you with an example of the fun:

The names of most geographical sites or features are all pretty generic too. Well the English names are anyways. I'd try and say a couple of the traditional Gwich'in names but I haven't eaten in a while and I don't feel like hyperventalating and passing out. No lyin! Lets see...there's Rat River, Stoney Creek, Bear Creek, "the foothills", and so on. Again, while I may be a bit unnecessarily critical, I love it all the same. Sometimes I feel like an adventure star when I get to say things like, "Gee wiz Cap'n! I seen some poachers coming down over the foothills on their way to Stoney Creek! Whatayasay we cut 'em off at the Rat River??"
(okay, so maybe I haven't been able to say that yet, but summer is coming, and you just know that evil gold prospector from 3 towns over is going to pull some crazy scheme! Remember when he tried to steal all the drinking water? Or when he tried to ban dancing all over town? Oh sometimes I think he'll never learn.)
Where was I? Ah yes, nowhere. So there's maybe another good week or 2 of skidooing left here, so I've been lucky enough to get out a lot in the past week or so. And of course, that luck was short lived. Although there was a couple amazing trips back into the mountains and in some good powder, there were some rough spots. Such as getting lost:
(notice the puzzled look of "I'm lost!" on Jason's face. While I, taking the picture, was completely not lost.)
And then there was yesterday when the shock snapped in half. Here's my brother showing off his lowrider skidoo:
Or the time when I was chased home by a pack of snowmobiling outlaws and their invisible leader:
(Or was that merely the broken skidoo being towed home?...hmmm my memory grows hazy)

Despite the setbacks, I did get to see some great sites. On the weekend a group of us travelled to a spot called Millen Creek, which is named after the RCMP officer who was shot and killed by "The Mad Trapper" back in 1931. You should look it up on wikipedia if you have the chance, it's pretty interesting. It's a tough spot to get to, but then we were fortunate enough to have one of the RCMP officers who was on the trip spot the memorial. It was in rough shape as it looked as though it was mangled by a Grizzly, but we were at least able to get a couple pics at the site:

And here's another group shot of everyone trying to spot some caribou up in the Richardson Mountains:

I know the days are going to get a hell of a lot longer, but already I'm finding it a bit odd. As a right this at 2am I can still faintly see daylight over the mountains in the distance, and at 11pm the light was just starting to get darker. But it does make for some great sunsets and twilight hours. I shot this one off the back deck at 10:30pm about a week ago:

Well, apparently there's Carnival happening all this coming weekend, so I should have lots of pics to put up after that. I don't really know what to expect, but I've heard rumors of snowmobile races, tea boiling contests, and last but not least, tents set up smoking caribou and moose meat down on the river. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what you would call a shindig.

Have a good week,


Anonymous said...

hahaha snowmobile outlaws with the invisible leader... I tell ya acsmu this was one of the funniest yet!! Wish I could make it up to the carnival in my clown suit! Have a good one buddy
-Bill Bill HINES

Anonymous said...

haha i look forward to these blogs everyweek..haha you my friend have a flair for writing i swear...keep em comming..or don't think about stepping back onto Nova Scotia soil

Anonymous said...

oh and that was Kelly posting...

Pooch said...

Great Blog. I bet Francis J. Francis was quite a character. Hi, I'm Francis Francis. You know my brother's John and Johnny? Look's like your having a good time. I'm heading out Monday so if for some reason i cant find a computer down under I hope you have a great summer. Your Pal, Pooch

Anonymous said...

How could you forget the town Snowshoes? I love the Snowshoes! (and not the MEC variety, the Gwichi'in kind - though your's are pretty snazzy.)
PS, wish I was there to see the invisible outlaw - skidoo, skidoo, trikes and bikes!)