Sunday, April 8, 2007

Skidooing and other made up words of nonsense...

It has yet again been a week with no updates, but considering it takes several minutes to do up each post, and also considering the fact that I grow more and more lazy with every day that passes, I'd say I'm doing pretty good.
Today's post will focus on snowmobiling, as it is a religion here, or an addiction I guess I should say. Because while a lot of people claim they're religious but in fact hardly ever goto church, people with an addiction will often try and downplay the frequency of their indulges. People snowmobile (or"skidoo" if you wanna be with "it")here a lot. Almost too much some would say. Not just once in a while, but everyday for the most part. You know how you'll often see parents waiting outside of schools to pick up their kids in their cars? According to my sister (who has been teaching at the school), you'll see a row of skidoos lined up waiting to pick up their kids. So naturally,to fit in with the cool kids, I try to skidoo as much as possible. While I don't have my own, I've been lucky enough to be able to "borrow" a nearby one frequently. There's literally hundreds of nearby trails to go on that are within minutes of the glazed Hamlet, I mean Hamlet, and even more areas to travel to on daytrips.
Of course you need to bundle up a bit, but even over the course of the past 3 weeks, the weather has changed significantly in that while I'd have to be dressed with as many layers as I could fit on before (and still be a bit cold), now I can wear a t-shirt with my coat, and then maybe a balaclava (oh grow up Jill Clark) with goggles. And still be sweating. Another benefit of being able to dress lighter is that it doesn't look like I pooped my pants or star in a rap video. (see first pic of this post for an example. Or, just look at the next pic down)

There's a park in the middle of the community where you can zip around too, but while it's heavily packed down, if you really try you might get yourself stuck. I have done so here, obviously as an example for all you viewers at home. Of course I would never get stuck unless I completely meant to. Don't listen to that guy. Or that guy. Or those 2 people over there that are saying otherwise.

As you can tell, I can really play the part of example-giver. See the questioning of God's existence at such a painful time here:

Where does everyone meet while skidooing you may ask? Why, at the Co-op of course.

But enough about that. I'll leave you today with some pics from a day trip to Bear Creek I went on friday with some men from the community. I only really met 2 of them that day. And the other guy is my brother's boss. So naturally we all got along like old grade school chums reunited:

But seriously, it was a great time and hopefully I get to do it again soon. It was about a 45 mile ride each way out to Bear Creek, and along the way we got to go through the Richardson mountains and on several big lakes and rivers. Needless to say my back still feels like hell today, buuuuuut what can ya do really. The cabin you see in the pics is one of several throughout the area built by Natural Resources that are there for anyone to use. And use it we did.
Anyways, here's the link to the album with some of the pics, enjoy!:

Bear Creek Album

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