Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update from way up...

Hello everyone, been quite some time since I've updated this ol' gal, but I have good reason! You all started out with a guy named Jesus, and then, a couple thousand years later, a completely different guy named Alex was really lazy and forgot to update his blog for weeks. See? I told you there was a good explanation.

What have I been up to? Well........lots I suppose. I just moved back into my regular residence (Ian and Marsha's place) yesterday as I've been moonlighting as a house sitter! And you thought you knew the real me. Lesson learned....for you!
I house sat at 2 different places, and both with dogs. I was really more of a doggie sitter, but also to watch the house...but that all sounds so lame. So whenever somewhat asked why I was at Rhonda/Andy's place or Mike/Andreea's house, I just told them I had broken in and was claiming squatter's rights. Much easier to explain you see? Naturally, I have some pics of the previously mentioned doggies for your enjoyment!
First, here's Rhonda's dogs, sled dogs to be exact. Except they don't get many chances to prove their sleddability when there's no snow. Anyways, look on:
(As you can see, they really like to get high)
Here's Dawson, The Killer!:
Juuuuuuuuuuuust kidding! *ahhhwink*

And here's an obvious glamour shot of Kaley (Andreea's dog, and supposedly Mike's too). It's hard to recognize her here, mainly because she's sitting, not barking, and relatively clean of mud.

Rhonda and Andy were also kind enough to host a May 24 weekend box top social back by the dog yard. You can see their house in the background:

haha I keed! That's just a shack that somehow won't fall down.
Their house isn't nearly that nice.
(thank you! I'll be here all week folks! Hey try the caribou!)

There was also the ice breakup of the Peel and MacKenzie Rivers during mid-late May, which, believe it or not, was actually really exciting! (hey when the closest movie theatre is 600km away, you'll take what you can get)
I already posted a bunch of pics from that on Facebook, so you can check them out on there if you haven't seen them already. It's okay, you can go look right now, I'll wait. No seriously I don't mind, go on!.................................
hey you're back! Where were we? Oh right.
I hate to bring up the weather as usual, but I am Canadian, and well it's tough to offend people by just talking about the weather. Unless, of course, you believe that all weather is a Zionist conspiracy created to take over the world. If that's the case, you could offend someone I suppose. But anyways, I'm not here to argue what you believe, as ridiculous as it may be.
So there's been some oh-so-amazing weather in the last month here. It goes from being still very cold and snow being a not so rare occurence in late May, to 30 degree days and the temperature never dropping below 15 degrees in early June. I don't know what to think I tells ya! Maybe I'll be able to do up a side by side comparison of the thermometre when it was -35 in march and then +35 here in June. But then again maybe I won't be able to do that. I'm a very moody guy, and lots could change between now and then, so don't go acting all suprised when I don't do it.
Here's some pics of the good-weatheredness of the always refreshing, never let you down taste of the Hamlet of Fort McPherson:

Hmmm it seems that Blogger wants to make my text go down to the left of the I'll have to oblige.

In the bottom 3 pics I'm travelling across the Peel and MacKenzie Rivers on the ferries. The very bottom picture is at the MacKenzie Ferry crossing which is actually kind of cool, since it's a regular ferry and they steer it around, and well you know, does ferry stuff. But the Peel crossing is a cable ferry, which I figure must be the most boring job ever. You can't even pretend like you're steering that thing! Look I'll prove it to you!

See look! It's not even a neon colour or really explosive or anything! Dum dee dum, nothing to see here folks. Lame!
Certain areas of the Peel River ferry do bring a tear to my eye however...

Oh Canada indeed!
A lot of things around here remind me of that..umm well I guess you could call it a music video that used to play (or maybe still does) at 5 or 6am on TV where it plays "Oh Canada" and shows a bunch of otters and wheat fields and other sterotypical Canadian things like that.

Anyways, just thought I'd do this brief update to let you know I haven't been eaten by a Grizzly yet. Give it time...ah yes...give it time.