Sunday, July 15, 2007

ongoing going ons...

hellooooooo free world! It's been about a month I know...I I apologize for the delay. I've been keeping really busy as of late. I'm actually much busier here in the north than I usually was in Halifax. It's a good thing, so fret not. Actually I don't even like that word..."fret" we're not even going to use it cause I'm too busy to use words I don't like. I also suck at guitar and I'm still mad at myself for buying a guitar last summer and I gave up so quick that I didn't even buy a strap for it. Are those things on the neck of the guitar even called frets? Maybe I'm mixing up the words. Anyway, enough about my problems. How's you? Where you resting your head these days? me? No I'm still at my brother's place, except I've been resting my head in an all new way...cause I gots me a puppayyyyyyyyyyy!

A lot of you probably already know this, but I've had her about 2 weeks. She's a husky mix, a bit of lab in her, but mostly husky. Her name is Sadie, or at least that's what I've named her. She hasn't told me otherwise yet. This is the first dog I've owned, but I'm preeeeeeeeeeeetty sure they start talking soon after birth. Can you imagine if they didn't? Wouldn't I feel like a chump calling her by the wrong name for weeks at a time! I would be so embarrassed! I remember this one guy that I worked with a long time ago kept calling me "Josh" or "Joshie" for months until I finally told him that wasn't my name. Man was he embarrassed. I guess I could have told him sooner, but I always assumed he was just calling me by a nickname or something. But "Joshie" is a stretch of a nickname for Alex I would think. Ha! Look at me, I'm rambling on now. Where was I....oh yeah, She's from a local home (Sadie that is), but I was lucky to get her when I did, not because someone else would have got her, but because she would have been shot or died of starvation. Lovely I know. Here's Sadie having her first bath of several in the first couple of days as she was pretty filthy when I picked her up, and me very pale and delighted as usual:

Anywho, she was extremely tired the first few days as she was adjusting to actually being fed and given some weird, clear liquid substance (lets call it....water), but now she's a regular bat out of hell! Although that phrase is slightly misleading, because she's a dog not a bat, and I think she came out of another dog. Stranger things have happened though I'm sure. Also, in a very convenient twist, her brother (Chance) happens to live in the other half of the duplex we live in with Amy (RCMP member here) and Malcolm. So they play together nonstop. I tried to stop them one time, but then Chance pulled a knife on me and that was that. Typical cop's kid, no respect for nothin!
Although I shouldn't really talk, as I caught Sadie roughing up the local authorities the other day. Here she is stickin' it to "the man":

Here's Sadie teamed up with her very cool, but obviously not as cool as herself (or her new Dad), brother:

So besides the addition of Sadie, things have been good. Great weather, lots going on in McPherson. I'm having fun. Ooh before I forget, here's the promised photo of the temp differences here in McPherson in a span of just 3 months:

With the good weather, I've been outside A LOT. Fishing quite a bit, out for hikes, and just a lot of socializing in general. The summer solstice was a couple of weeks ago, which is the longest day of the year, which means absolutely nothing when you're experiencing 24 hour sunlight anyways but it does mean that days will be getting shorter. The first sunset in about a month and a half was on July 11th, which was kind of fun. I do believe it went below the horizon for maybe 7 minutes? Regardless, it's still very very very bright here all the time. Here's a shot outside at about 4:30am:

What were we doing outside at 4:30am you ask? err ahh well you see, ummm err...ok fine, if you must know, or as I'm sure you can figure out for yourself, drinking at night is easy when it's always light outside. I gotta say though, for anyone planning on moving up north (hahaha I know, good joke huh?), don't plan on doing much drinking, cause for a 24 of cans of Keith's, you're going to be looking at about $62! (!!!!!!!!) So I don't drink very often, but as the saying goes, when daddy needs his medicine, he gets it.
As I mentioned before, there's a lot of great spots to go hiking or for walks here or just a short drive away. Instead of killing my bandwidth posting pics manually, I'll just link you to an album:

Various hiking pics at James Creek

(James Creek is right by the Yukon/NWT border)
Don't worry, Mike's not trying to kill his dog, although he has mentioned how much he'd like to before....hmmm

Well that's all for now, I have tons of other pictures I'd like to put up, but it takes forever, and well, to be honest, what have you done for ME?! You take you take and you take. But what about meeeeee!? I guess what I'm trying to say some comments! Let me know how you're all doing, whoever is reading this.

Take care all you out there in blog reading land,


Shelayne said...

Welcome to the fanily Sadie!!! Any chance we'll ever get to meet you in person? Abby says to tell Alex it's time to come home, she hasn't seen him in a long time.

Alex said...

Tell her I'll be home soon enough because when she speaks, I wouldn't dare not listen. Her scorn looks are enough to keep me obedient.

Shelayne said...

We're having a party for Noah's birthday up at Karen's on Saturday (after the big parade)...just in case you weren't already told by 50 different people.

How's Sadie? BTW I meant faMily, not faNily in my last note...I'm not sure what a fanily is, but it doesn't sound good.