Thursday, January 10, 2008

Greetings from south of 60...many months after

Nooo I did not perish in a horribly ironic ironing accident, despite my long absence from this blog. This will come as a surprise to pretty much nobody, but yes, I am back in Nova Scotia. Oh sure, I may have moved back almost 3 months ago, but what is time anyway? That's what I thought.

Let's go back in time...lets say...3 months?

OK, done!
(I love google image search)

I had been planning for some time to make a trip back to NS for a several week vacation, but as the date of my departure edged closer, I started to feel like maybe it was time for me to make the trip out a little more permanent. No, nothing negative had really happened to me, but it just felt right. So without getting too deep on all you bored readers out there, I felt my time in the north was up...for now anyways.
Would I go back up north again? You're daaaaaaaamn right I would, given the right situation of course. Actually, at this very moment my elder sister is on her way up north. I'll admit, I'm jealous. If it's possible, I think I still experience home sickness to be back north. I guess it's kind of like an old ex, you seem to only be able to remember the good times, and have a hell of a time trying to remember why you broke up in the first place. I'm still confident in my decision to leave, but some days I have a rough time trying to convince myself of it. After all, how can you not love a place where your group portraits are this:

Your drinking buddy looks like this:

The lovely ladies look like this:

...and you can convince your nephew to do this:

(haha please don't kill me Marsha!)

I've been back in civilization for some time now, and I will say I do enjoy being able to experience the everyday comforts and luxuries that I missed before(regular mail service! non expired foods! paved roads! ooh la la!). Sure, the everyday doesn't feel like as much of an adventure as it did in McPherson, but then I guess you have to move on at some point.

If anyone reading this has been thinking about, or has ever thought about moving up north, feel free to let me know. I may not know much about it, but I will try and tell you what I do know. I truly hope I get to head north again in my lifetime, but until then, the north end of Halifax will have to hold me over. (Similar

In the end, I was able to meet my best friend while I was north, so I guess you could say it was all worth it. Could you really feel any different about this face?

annnnnnnnd that's where we put an end to this short lived blogging experiment. I would like to thank everyone in Fort McPherson...for ummm....well living there I suppose. And for not chasing me out of the hamlet with burning stakes and pitchforks. Again. (Don't worry, all is forgiven in regards to the first retrospect, I guess I can see how me creating that 7 foot monster who preyed on human brains would seem scary upon first glance. Lesson learned by all. Again...sorry about your brother Dave.)

...and most of all *sob* thank you to all of you who wasted several minutes of your life *sob* *cough* *blows nose* checking out my blog.

So long!