Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4 months seems like a perfectly reasonable amount of time to visit Nova Scotia.

Soooo remember how I said in my last post that I had "moved" back to NS? Well how about we make-believe that I instead "grooved", as in danced my way back to Nova Scotia. And as we all know, it's a fact of life that all dances must have an end to them. Be it that you get caught drinking in behind the gym during the dance, or that the dance just plain sucked and you'd rather drive around town showing others how cool you are and that you don't need their stupid dance. Whatever the reason, all dances must come to an end.
Now I know what you're thinking: "Alex, where in the hell did you get those dashing good looks from?"
What? That's NOT what you're thinking? You want to know where the hell I was going with that opening paragraph? Oh, shit. Umm well hopefully someone out there is wondering where I got my dashing good looks from.

It's okay, I don't mind being asked.

OHHHHHHHHH right! My point....right. I had something to do with me moving. That's right, I'm moving back to the NWT. That's where I was getting with my story. What was originally planned on being a long term move back to NS has been hyper-morphed into a long term vacation.
This time next week I will be back living in good ol' Forty McPhoo. For all you not in the know (and obviously you all are or else you wouldn't be here reading this), I'm referring to Fort McPherson aka middle nowhere. I'm pretty excited to move. In fact I'm so excited I can't even express myself. Here, this picture will accomplish what my words never could:

Oh sure, I'm not looking forward to the long trip back up, or the 3 transfers over the course of 4 flights ahead of me, or the guarding of my dog and luggage like a bloodthirsty hawk while trying to sleep on a chair in the edmonton airport overnight, or the yellowknife airport that doesn't have anything in it except a big polar bear, or the 2 hour drive from Inuvik down the Fort McPherson, but I AM looking forward to getting back to the laid back life of the north. Ever see the movie Easy Rider? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That's what I'm talking about.

Just for fun, a driving trip to McPherson from ye olde Nova Scotia would look like this:

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and it can all be accomplished by way of a meager set of 79 directions! You'd be stupid to NOT make the trip. Huh? You're not going to make the trip? You're stupid.

Why am I going back up you might ask? umm well it's not because I owe huge sums of money to loan sharks, caaaaause I already paid those loans off. Number of reasons, none of which I'm going to really get into right now, but mainly, I'm just not really feelin the city life right now. Oddly enough, being a broke student and paying off student loans while working full time are eerily similar. They both suck.
In other news, Sadie has been hating the rainy weather in Halifax, at least that's what my studies show. When given 15 red beans and 15 blue beans and asked a series of questions regarding the economic health of Nova Scotia and global warming as it applies to the current generation, 9 times out of 10 she will eat all of the beans. Science doesn't lie.

I'll be house sitting for the first month I get to McPherson, and then in April I'm renting a house with my sister who, conveniently enough, is presently living in McPherson and teaching. Anything could happen, but I'm pretty sure it will be a complete party house. Or not. Tough call. What with the lack of cheap booze and people and all.

Well that's all I got for now, had a mostly great time while home in Nova Scotia, met some awesome new people, and now I look forward to my first visit back sometime in the summer. I might have a rough time having access to a computer for the first while that I'm in McPherson but after that I'm hoping for more regular updates.

Until then Nova Scotia... catch you on the flip side


Lisa M said...

Alex, you are my hero. Welcome back!!!

Ian said...

I can't help but notice that you've not mentioned me once in your blog. Not that I actually read your blog, but I did the word search thing and since I don't nor have I ever lived with a Marsha I am sure that I am not in here. Did those four months we spent together mean nothing to you? That time we made Trish believe in the devil, or that homerun mid air crash thing we did in the parking lot the day I left, nothing? I never knew cold until I knew cold in blog form.