Thursday, March 6, 2008

hey I'll tell YOU when I've had enough complimentary bits and bites!

I made it! As of about 2pm yesterday mountain time I am once again a resident of Fort McPherson. Glorious isn't it?
So before I get into things, lets get some math out of the way:


I know I know, it's an equation that's as old as time itself, but it still remains true! I swear I was beating away the crowds when I had Sadie on hand. Everyone wanted to pet her, give her treats, see her sleep, stand, walk, talk, can-can dance, etc...
Besides the complete inconvenience of trying to transport a dog around in what is already the inconvenient experience of airline travel, I fully recommend that you all get a dog to bring along next time you're flying anywhere.

The trip back north was not a pleasant one as you can imagine. First, Toronto airport sucked as usual, I had a 2 hour wait there, and then another hour wait on the runway cause of the ice storm that was beginning as we were supposed to depart for Edmonton. Then, some guy stole my window seat for the flight to Edmonton, and then when I told him he had the wrong seat he tried pretending like he didn't speak english! I was all like "hey what seat are you supposed to be in?" "ohhh uhhh see-eat? I do not know letter?"
Me, being the completely badass nonconfrontationalist (It's a word cause I say it is) that I am, kept my mouth shut and said I didn't care, and took the aisle seat grumbling. But then to my delight, when the Westjet tvs went to turn on for the flight, the window seat's tv was all fucked up and didn't work! He mumbled something about his not working (in fine english I might add) and then looked over to me grinning like an idiot cause mine worked fine. So that was fun.
I got into Edmonton at about half past midnight, and then tried to prepare myself for a 6 hour wait until my continuing flight north at 7am. Sleeping on the floor in the airport while trying to keep an eye on your 150lbs of luggage and your dog may be, just maaaaay be, the most horribly unpleasant thing to do in the history of everything. So I might have squeezed in about 1 hour of sleep over the night, and then I boarded my flight with Canadian North in the morning.
Apparently the flight was going to stop in Norman Wells (small town of about 800 people (I think) that is smack dab in the middle of NWT but looks completely awesome) and then it would goto Inuvik. Somehow, when I boarded the plane from Edmonton there was a guy in the row behind me that was already passed out hard (and I was one of the first 10 to board) and was snoring like a jackhammer jackhammering away on another jackhammer. And this continued, I kid you not, for the entire flight to Norman Wells, the entire 30 min wait there, and then the next flight to Inuvik. I did everything I could to wake him up too! I let out countless sighs, obvious looks over my shoulder, rolled my eyes HARD, tilted my jaw to one side WHILE sighing, and last but not least I even reclined my seat all the way back without even giving a courtesy look behind me. Nothing worked! Thankfully I brought headphones with me to give me an occasional break from it all. Life can be tough.
Eventually I made it to Inuvik airport, which is something of a cross between an airport and a locker at the gym that you pay $5 a month to rent. You may have noticed there's an absence of pictures in this posting. To be honest, any free moments I had in one of the 5 airports I was in was spent carrying large amounts of luggage or explaining what times Sadie was going to be available for photos and autographs. Hence the lack of pictures. Forgive me. Please?

Fortunately I was able to convince someone from McPherson to give me a lift back to McPhoo (another 2 hour drive) and that just about brings us to the present time! Weather isn't that cold here right now, was about -15C yesterday and very sunny, and it's -14C right now with some clouds. Not nearly as much snow as there was this time last year when I was here. Sun comes up around 10ish AM I think, and then it was up till about 7:30pm last night.
When I first got into the Hamlet (New look! Same great taste!) my first order of business was to reunite Sadie with her brother Chance. That's him at the start of this post. Painfully adorable ain't he? I have a great video of the moment in action but until I get access to a faster internet connection I don't know if I can upload it. Here is some wholesome picture goodness, please hold your applause and yells of "hell ya!" and "U-S-A! U-S-A!" until after the pictures:

Except for a brief intermission of sleep and feeding, the 2 have been wrestling and running nonstop in the yard since yesterday. Sadie looks about half the size of Chance, and she looks like a sickly terminal patient in comparison cause her coat is so thin next to Chance. I tried weighing them both this morning though and oddly enough, Chance only weighs 6 lbs more than her! Will wonders never cease? WILL THEY!??!

After a delightful supper last night (courtesy of Marsha, who appears to have been reading this blog despite her loathing of all things Alex. Thanks again!) with the family and Lisa and Jacqui (I hope I spelled that right), I basically passed out. Now please excuse my language, but what a fucking awesome sleep I had last night! It was one of those 12 hour-wakeup in the exact same position as when you fell asleep kind of sleeps. I feel much more refreshed today other than an oncoming head cold I seem to be getting. How much of a pussy am I!? I'm in the Arctic for 24 hours and I'm already sick. BAH!

I plan on going for a trek down on the river with the dogs later this afternoon so hopefully I can get in a few pics. Somehow I've already been contracted into dog sitting for all of next week. Some things never change I suppose. After all, I am....THE DOG SITTER!
Anyone remember old WWF and "The Mountie"? Good times.

Take care!


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