Sunday, March 9, 2008

I made a fort in the bathroom. It rules!

Hey y'all, so here I am, 10lbs lighter and all! I've stumbled upon the fantastic new "Arctic Diet". That's right, the same one all your favourite celebrities have been raving about. So here it is: spend 3 days being kill-me-now-this-isn't-funny-anymore-I'm-serious-when-is-this-gonna-stop-mercy-mercy-mercy-uncle-charlie-brown-let-me-down sick, then watch the pounds effortlessly shed away! That's all there is to it!

I thought my little head cold was an annoyance the first couple days I was here, but I guess that was really all just a tease of the full blown stomach flu that was upcoming.

Outside of being sick, I've actually been pretty busy in McPherson. I've taught at the school most days, and then spent the rest of my free time looking after the THREE dogs here now. I don;t think this is how it's supposed to work though. I was supposed to only have one dog. ONE DOG! I want people to look at me with that look of "oh how cute, that gentleman is having an adorably tough little time with his cute pooch! ha ha, that's life!" and not for them to say "oh that poor poor son of a bitch. I truly feel sorry for that individual and may his soul burn in hell for all eternity. God save the Queen."
( I don't know why they would say God Save the Queen, but it makes for a more epic sentence. Plus it was a pretty good song by the Sex Pistols don't you agree?)

What I'm trying to say is, trying to walk 3 strong as hell dogs all by yourself is not my idea of fun. I try to keep a smile on my face even though I'm sweating bullets (despite the -20 temp) while getting dragged around town. All the while there's kids zipping by on skidoos and yelling "What yer dooooing?".
Maybe I'm just complaining a bit too much due to how miserably sick I was the last few days. I guess things could be worse. I will say I enjoy nothing more than pulling a chair up to the window and watching the 3 dogs battle it out in the yard while I toss my head back and cackle away all night. Did I mention there's an eerie red aura surrounding me and umm I'm smoking a cigar and it was thundering and lightening!?!? Yeah, all those things. It happened.
Here's the dog I'm watching for the week (Winston is his name. haha I know! Makes me feel like a true chap from the old country whenever I get so say his name. Winnnnston!) along with the usual suspects, Sadie and Chance:

Unfortunately almost all the pics I have on my camera right now are dog related. (Sad, pathetic, or nice... you decide!)
So I don't have too much else to post picture wise for you for now. But I am attending a slightly early but welcome all the same St. Patty's Day party tonight, so who knows, I may have some pics with humans in them! (Humans holding dog, or getting as drunk as dogs no doubt)
Even if I don't get any pictures, I can always steal some from someone else and claim them as my own. Yeeaaargg! (I'm a pirate! Come on, stay with me)

What else what else....umm I've been snowshoeing on the river and on some trails nearby a lot. Days are getting reaaally long already. Stays light out till a little after 9pm now. Except getting up for work at 7:30, and then having it dark out for another 2 hours still sucks. If I'm lucky I might be going out for a hike in the mountains this weekend too.
If I've done my calculations right for this weekend.... drinking + recent sickness + heavy exercise should equal a good time. It's been a while since grade 10 advanced math though, so we'll see.

Anyway, I should go do something, like go outside or shower or something. I dunno. Drinking coffee and playing Xbox for a couple more hours might be more productive.

But tell me folks, what's everyone else's plans for the upcoming summer months? I hear from ye all so rarely, I'd love to see some comments. Give me peace of mind that this blog is being read by someone else other than my parents and a few select other people. (don't worry mom and dad I still want you to read it, and I don't expect you to try and figure out how to work the comments box, I'm still proud that you guys got the web address right)

Updates to come this weekend. Till then, stay fresh



Pooch said...

Hi Alex! Great blog! maybe you could buy one of those old fashioned wooden toboggan's and get the dogs to tow you around? My summer is actually ending I think. If I can't find a job here maybe I could come and be your teacher's aid? We could drink coffee all day while the kids have 8 hours of SSR! (super silent reading)Keep up the good work matey

Alex said...

Super Silent Reading....hmmm that sounds much more futuristic. I always thought it stood for Silent Sustained Reading. But I just made that up in my head and assumed it was right.