Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In the year 2000, Alex will post pictures

I don't quite know how I feel about having such a large pic of my head as the start to this post. Yeah I know I've had pics of my face as the start to lots of posts, but I always feel just a little bit more obnoxious every time I do.
Now that I've tamed the mighty beast that is Blogger, I am able to post a few pictures from the weekend. But it's only a few, so lets not go getting NUTS alright!? Keep this in perspective. Are you done? Good. To make this easier I'll just link to the album. In case you're confused or you never really paid much attention to what I look like in person (hey, it's quite alright, I never liked you much either), I'm the one in black, Jaksun is the one in the fantastically bright orange (haha). Unfortunately the photos do a poor job of putting the grand scale of the area and sparseness of it all. If you look closely in one of the pics you can see the tracks of a caribou (or a large fox, or a yeti, to be honest we had no real clue what the hell the thing was) that we followed up to the peak.
Hike w/ jaksun

Till next time,
Alex aka Protector of the Yeti

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