Monday, March 24, 2008

It's the North.

Characters in this scene: Monsieur Productivity and Mr. North

Productivity: "My what a wonderful week this is looking to be! Reports to type, shipments to make, deadlines to fulfill!"

North: "Yo sucka! You best watch yo step! Ima gonna wreck you fool!"

Productivity: "Mr. North, lets calm down and be rational. I'll put on the tea and we can talk this out. I love you."

North: "Break yo self!" *BLAM BLAM BLAM*

*screams are heard, tires squealing, Monsieur Productivity is later pronounced dead*


Not that I mind...but this past week has been the North at its best. So the Dempster Highway (see: The only way into town from the south) was closed from Sunday to Friday due to high winds and blowing snow. To be fair, it was open for 2 hours on Thursday until several more tractor trailers were blown clear off the road.
Not only did this mean people's plans to head south were delayed, it also meant nobody was coming back up. So in a twist of fate, Winston Pennyworth VI remained here with me for an unexpected 5 days.
With Friday being the holiday that it was, it meant no school and an early start to Spring Break for the kids here in McPhoo. Shortened week, pretty slack eh? Oh no, the gods of productivity must have felt this was far too long of a week, as a sewage pipe burst (again) in the school, causing some massively unpleasant smells to emanate throughout the school. Early spring break!
And then, over the weekend the gas stations ran out of gas. Just goto another gas station right? NEIN! There are no other ones to goto you idiot! Alright, sorry, that was a bit much of me.
hmmm what else has happened...oh yeah, to top it all off, it has been COLD! (imagine that, it's cold in the Arctic, ha ha, I get it)
It was -40C everyday this past week, and right now it's still not that pleasant out (-33C and snowing with high winds)
As frustrating as this place can be sometimes (sometimes is a kind word, don't you think?), I can't help by admire the North (if I may refer to the location as a living entity) in that it never really gives a shit what your plans are or what happened to you yesterday. Sometimes you just gotta wait, and wait, and wait. You often don't really have a choice, or any other options. It might drive some people bat shit crazy, but in my opinion it really forces you to relax and not take life so seriously. Plus it's one of the few places that I know of that Campbell time and "The Man"'s time run on the same schedule. (see: fashionably late)

There's also been a huge wolf-like dog that has started fancying Sadie and Chance and has taken it upon himself to hop over the fence and start running around our yard with the dogs. I don't really mind him that much though, mainly cause he looks like he could tear my arm clean off (I must obey his every command), but also because he lets Chance hump away at him and for Sadie to make him her bitch. But then last night when I went outside to shoo (shooo shooo!) him away from the yard that big bastard ran over and grabbed one of the dogs' toys and then jumped clean over the fence with it. Now he sits across the road on top of a snowbank and gives me the most smug look you can imagine while I shake away with my fist and my rubber boots on. Maybe if I shook a pitchfork over my head it would help. Damn him! He certainly knows how to rile me up. I'm sooo riled!

This may end up being one of my last blog posts for a while because I'm just about done house sitting over here at the Appleby's house and then next week I move into my own place across town. My sister and I haven't decided on the internet situation yet, so we will see. If you're feeling Alex withdraw, let me know and I'll chop off a lock of my hair for you and send it in the mail. Keep in mind that my head is still shaved, so the envelope may end up looking like it's filled with dirt or insects (you tell me what stubble looks like, that's the best I could think of). But deep down inside, you'll know it's my hair. That's all that matters. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!

Talk to you some other time,

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Lisa said...

You, Alex Campbell, have this shit said. This is exactly how it happens folks--no exaggeration. It does seem somewhat DMX inspired yo. I'll be home Wednesday. (That's Thursday Campbell time) We'll gab then. *giggle*