Monday, March 17, 2008

It's so cold my sweatpants even sound like a tarp

Believe it or not my weekend was actually pretty eventful. That's right: FULL of events. Not even one spare second. Not even enough time to exaggerate a shit load like I am right now.
Ok, ok, stuff happened. That's eventful at this time in my life in my current living location. Deal?

Friday's early St. Patty's Day party at Pete's was good as was expected. I made a complete ass of myself, took off my top, and then puked in the grand piano! I'd count that as a small moral victory. Besides those things happening, it was a relatively calm night. As promised, I didn't take any pictures of the festivities. But my sister has posted a few on facebook so feel free to take a gander on there. If you have her added. If you don't....ha! You're inadequate. (In the sense that you haven't yet added my sister to facebook)

I also took it upon myself to make plans to go on a megatrek the next morning in the mountains. It seemed like the right thing to do the next morning after getting drunk. But then that might have been because I was drunk. hmm...
Regardless, I eventually woke up Saturday and slowly walked around the house like a shitfaced hungover zombie until I got the call from Jaksun that we'd be leaving in less than an hour. So I scrambled like only I could and somehow got it together in time to go. I even found the time to prepare an awesome packed lunch of tuna sandwiches (with all-dressed chips laid inside) and baked beans in a thermos. After fueling up and checking our gear, Jaksun (the school's gym teacher) and I drove out to an area close to James Creek, which, if you've been following this blog, was a hiking spot of my experiences last summer. For those new to all that is Alex Campbell, James Creek is in the Richardson Mountains and just before the Yukon/NWT border. The Richardson Mountains is the most northern and oldest range of the Rocky Mountains.
Anyway, so we scoped out a route for the day and snowshoed/kicked/tripped/slid/fell/stumbled/and bitched our way across a few small peaks. Alright maybe I was doing all the complaining, but this is my blog now isn't it? Now where was I? Ah yes, so Jaksun was bitching all day about the hike, but otherwise, it was a freaking beauuuuutiful day. Like ridiculously beautiful. The temperature seemed to magically warm up just enough once we got going, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun was blindingly bright, and there was a fresh snowfall of about 10cm to jump around in all over the mountains. About the only thing that sucked was my lunch. Word of advice, do NOT pack a tuna sandwich lined with all-dressed chips for lunch. The chips get all soggy and the tastes of the chips and the tuna combined to make this weird burnt taste which can only be described as "a shitty taste when you're starving hungry". In hindsight, eating beans while going for a big hike wasn't the smartest idea either. How about that.
Being that this hike was my first somewhat long distance snowshoe, I had a great time. At the risk of sounding slightly feminine or just plain weird, about the only thing that got really fatigued were my hip flexors. It was like walking around in sand for 6 hours after all. Otherwise it felt good, and the cold was hardly noticeable minus my (facial) cheeks reaching a new level of rosiness. guh.
I did however get some great pics of the scenery from that day. But blogspot has decided to hide half of the buttons/options available to me for the moment so I can't post any pics. And I don't know HTML well enough to embed them myself. If someone reading this does know the HTML code to do that........NEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!
I joke of course. Please be kind to me when nerds take over the world.

Getting back on topic, cause of the longer days, we were also able to stay out hiking till a little after 7pm before hopping in his truck to head back. Gotta love Arctic sunlight. YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO. NO ARGUMENTS PLEASE.

Sunday was rather UNeventful... and then I was back to working today (Monday) which was pretty straightforward other than there was a group of ultra marathon racers in town and they did a presentation at the school. They were in the midst of varying lengths of marathons but all of them had to of been insane. Check out the site to see just what I'm talking about. If you're wondering why I made a point to mention this it's because I scored a free t-shirt! That'll show those punk kids who didn't ask any questions during Q&A time!

On a sad note, the noble dog Winston, who has been residing with me for the past week will be heading back into the custody of his rightful owner later today. A week ago I could imagine no happier of an event than getting rid of Winston, but I gotta say I've come to enjoy Winston and his fine appreciation of 19th century muskets and imported cigars. But such is the life of a dog sitter.

Until later,

Once blogspot smartens up I'll be sure to post some pictures. I hope I'm able to satisfy you textually until then. *giggle*


Lisa said...

You scored that free tshirt from Jaksun? What REALLY happened in the mountains that day? NERRRRRRRD.

Jilly H said...

See, I CAN make contact without facebook! Miss you lots and can't wait until you're home for the....what's happening in 95 days? oh I forget....anyways, when are you flying in? I've heard you're coming sometime the beginning of August...not sure if this is true but Joe's Boys Party ("bachelor" reeks of black leather furniture and mustaches...and let's be honest, you're the only one who can truly rock the mustache) is the Sat of Sam Slick...something about shark fishing...sweet lord. Anyways, I hope you're home for it as I'm sure it wouldn't be the same without you. Hey, maybe you can come early for consists of knitting and drinking herbal tea with my pregger maid of honour and emailing my bridesmaids who have all moved to Toronto...haha, okay it's not that bad...well, all the above may be true but you can always spike tea right? Glad to hear things are going good. Sadie looks like she's having a great old time. Pretty busy here with MCAT studying/wedding planning/ and oh yeah, you know that apartment we just spent hundreds of dollers and three weeks re-doing to make a "great, post-wedding, not-ever-moving-again" place...well it suddenly (and I mean the paint was still wet) grew a for sale sign on the front lawn. Don't ask. So yes, we might be homeless 4 days after our honeymoon and one week before my MCAT (and yes you did the math right, I AM writing my MCAT less than 2 weeks after my honeymoon) none the less, I've always loved a wants boring now do they??? Anywhooo...Joe's back in PEI for a little bit so it's just me and Rocco (who sends his love to sadie). Say Hi to Jill for me and send me an email sometime! Talk to you soon!
xxox Jill