Monday, March 3, 2008

Last thoughts before the big move...

So I'm back in Windsor for a couple days now that I've moved all my shit from Halifax into storage (see: Parent's garage) and now I'm just killing time. Oh sure, that time is supposed to be alive and doing lots of work. But I killed that sucka! Or at least I'm in the process of doing that. I still have to pack up my luggage and and tie up some loose ends before I go, but I'm more content in letting the stress of those things just build up while I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. You might say I'm a bit of a mess.

(if you look closely you might even see dried toothpaste on my face. It has been that kind of day)

Holding Sadie's toys that she's destroyed in order to bring shame to her has also been a reliable time killer:

(Sadie says she's sorry Sue)

Unlike last time I went up north and I packed all the wrong things, this time I've made up a nice little list of what to pack before I go. Oddly, it seems that one of my roommates from the Oxford Street apartment added the item of "FUDGE" to my list of things to pack. My guess is on Ben Kerr. But you would never do that, would you!? I even had the list up on the screen of my parents' computer without noticing it. I laugh when I think of my mom seeing it, and then laugh even more cause she probably doesn't know what it would be referring to.

We had a big family supper here last night which was nice, but depressing in a way cause I know I likely won't get to eat that well for another 6 months or whenever I'm back in NS again. Unless of course Marsha feels like preparing a huge arrival supper for me on Wednesday. Marsha? You there? No? Hello? Oh. You can get back to me on that one.

Saying goodbye to everyone is a bit easier this time around. I already have a return ticket booked for a visit home later this year and that doesn't really seem all that far away. It is tough in other ways though, cause now I know what luxuries of the "south" (normal Canada) I'll be missing out on. Like restaurants, movies, stores, and paved roads. Last time I took them for granted, and then they got all independant on me and moved out. You can't live at your sister's place forever Sluxuries! (that's what I call the luxuries of southern Canada)

Funny story: I was talking to my Pop (grandfather) today on the phone and when we said our goodbyes he was all like "Check ya later"! When did grandparents start using this phrase!? I can't even pull that one off without getting a look of "man, you're so lame, stop trying so hard". But he threw it out there like it was nothing! All cool like. Damn.

Anyway, that's about it for now, the rest of my time in NS will likely be spent doing nothing while I should be packing, and then I'm planning on a good night of "drink the beer" with Bill/Joe/Corey Deaner and anyone else that is around Windsor. If I can find a computer to use in Edmonton while I'm waiting for my next flight I'll try and do another update. Thanks to anyone who leaves comments regarding this blog, I appreciate the feedback. Helps me to keep a small head. Anyway, time for my 12:00 flexing in the mirror session.

haha that's a joke! That's not even true. I do that at 2:30.

See you in the arctic!

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