Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I would sell my soul and any 4 toes for a toaster right now

Update time! Alright I'll try and keep this brief so that I don't lose my motivation while typing away. You might even say that I could be called laz.....zzz.....

hmm? Oh. Hi there. What? You just stood there watching while I slept? Yes that is weird. Yes it did turn me on a little bit too. Yes we can talk about something else.

Since we last spoke, I've moved clear across the nutrient enriched Hamlet to good ol' William T. Nerysoo Drive. Aren't you even a little bit jealous of my road name? I thought so.

I've been complaining a lot more as a result of having to walk across town multiple times a day. I'm quickly humbled when I realize that from one side of town to the other it's about 1.5km, and my walk to work everyday is less than 1km. But if you give a listen to my ramblings you'll quickly find out that I do it all in my bare feet, for you see shoes have not been invented yet in my day.

So forgetting about my wild exaggerations of my commute, there are some annoyances during my commute. For one thing, I get accosted daily by at least a couple packs of stray/loose dogs. Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel like a big man like puffing out your chest and shouting phrases like "GO ONNNNNN!" or "GET! GEEEET!" at stray dogs. I suppose doing the same thing to humans might be equally satisfying. I'll let you know.

Since we're both in a randy old map posting mood, I thought it appropriate that I do some doodling and show you the layout of McPhoo. (That's slang for McPherson (That's slang for Fort McPherson (THat's slang for Somewhere in the Northwest Territories (That's slang for The North (That's slang for Middle of Nowhere))))

Sadly, I've listed just about every single place possible. There is a small curling rink, a place to get a flat tire fixed, and the Tent & Canvas shop. But hey, it's all in good fun.

If you noticed earlier, I mentioned that I alluded to being a member of the work force. It's true! Well...sort of. I've sorta kinda fallen back into the role of "Town Do-All". Not THAT kind of Do-All (rats!) but I've been working part time hours at the jail, full time at the school, and once in a while I do some bailiff work. Somehow I fooled the school staff into thinking I should be in charge of educating the Grade 5 class until early May. Colour me surprised. (and then Colour Me Badd!) I'm only 2 days in to it so far, but it's fun. It gives me a warm feeling inside when I'm told that I'm mean and that I'm scary when I yell.

As for the house I moved in, it's very spacious, which has created a bit of a problem for my sister and I as we don't have any shit here! There's 4 bedrooms, meaning we have 2 spare bedrooms. And there's this open dining room space in between the kitchen and the living room that we haven't really figured out what to do with yet. We're also severely lacking in the area of general houseware as we haven't yet received our shipment of items from back home yet. You would think it'd be manageable, but for someone like me, not having a measuring cup is a surefire way to remain unfed. You expect me to eye up 300ml? You go to hell! And no microwave!? YEEEEEEAAAARGGG!!
As you can see in the map above, you can see we're right on the edge of town so it's pretty quiet and scenic. That is until the dogs start barking out back. If you look closely you might be able to see some cleared out areas in the woods where there's a dog team yard behind the house. I know what you're thinking, "and just how much do you pay extra for this desirable service Alex??". Nothing! Yeah I know!
ah well, things could be worse. Can you imagine if they were dinosaurs or avian flu!?!?! Scary stuff!

That's pretty much it for now...there was a wedding last weekend so the whole place was a party town, there was court last week, the Northern Store is doing inventory, you know, regular stuff. Ooh actually there is something, it's the McPherson Carnvial this coming weekend so lots will be going on.
What else...weather has been awesome, it was even up above zero for a few days. Sun comes up at about 7am now, goes down a little after 11pm. The only shitty part is that with the warmer days comes the mud. It also brings the awkward time of the year that you don't really need to wear your insulated pogey boots, but then it's a little too muddy to wear regular footwear. But then if you take the insulation out of your boots you'd likely be a little cold. It's a lose-lose situation I tells ya! But the again, if you're in a place that wearing rubber boots almost everyday is accepted if not encouraged, I guess nobody really gives a shit anyway.
I also went for another hike last weekend only this time Sadie tagged along! She's a trooper alright. I posted an album on facebook so check it there:


Stay alert,


Anonymous said...

are the extra rooms for rent? and if so how much?

Alex said...

who are you anonymous writer?
$333 a month! enquire within...