Saturday, April 19, 2008

oh no you didint.....time for a jig-off!

Quick update from the Peel River Jamboree...
So the entire population of Fort Mcphoo is gone wild with carnival fever; topless chicks, dancing in the streets, hot beaches, etc
Alright so 3 of those things on that list are an outright lie on my part. Or at least if there are any topless chicks I've been going to all the wrong places.
There was dancing last night however! Not in the streets of course...much too slippery. But instead in the warm confines of the rec centre. Last night a hush fell over the hamlet as there were rumors of a good ol' fashioned jiggin contest! I don't think it was that much of a surprise however as theres a jigging contest each and every year at this time. What can I say...I enjoy insinuating suspense.
THe rec centre was packed for most of the night and into the early morning hours (2am...I'm ollllld) with jigging. For many of you readers...jigging may be a foreign concept, much as it was for me until last year. See here:

Unfortunately my camera couldn't capture the raw intensity that is....jigging. Seriously though, you'd see an elder hobling across the room and then once the fiddle gets started and the "Red River Jig" is in full effect, you'd see that same elder toss down their belongings and started tearing up the dance floor tiles. Ah yes....the power of the fiddle. Kids get in on it too, even as young as 3 and 4 years old:

If you're still wondering what jigging is... I would describe it as a combination of doing the "c-walk" and an Irish jig. Only with nicer slippers on and more fiddle. Yeah, there you go.

Earlier yesterday there was skidoo races on the river too...but I missed out on those as they are just ever so slightly unorganized and after waiting for 2 hours being underdressed in the cold...I reluctantly went home. Most of what I saw was guys just showing off for the crowd. If you're into snowmobiles though...there was definitely some nice machines on sight. Speeds of 120km/h and up in just a couple of seconds! Here's the racing setup anyway:

and the crowd on hand (there's tents setup off camera serving meats and *ahem* head soup, which is, for those not in the know, is basically a caribou head boiled along with some fixins to make a supposedly delicious meal. I may even try it for myself today) :

There's mushing (dog races), snowshoe races, and then more skidoo races all today, along with a casino night later on. I may or may not be hitting up any one of those events but we shall see. I already lost while playing bingo last night so my gambling ego is in repair.

You got jigged! (served)



Anonymous said...

do you have a snowmobile? And if yes would you like to sell it?

Alex said...

unfortunately I do not. I had been borrowing one to use. I'm sure someone around here is selling one...