Saturday, May 3, 2008

$14 for orange juice? Oh may I have another?

Not a whole lot to talk about as of late but a few things have happened:

-Temperatures have picked up a wee bit lately and as a result the snow is mellllllting! But just as a start to accept the fate of the snow, we got dumped on (ewww) for the past few days with another 10cm or so. So I guess I was wrong to try and pull the plug on my insulated pogey boots. Viva la insulation! Despite this, I am suspicious that the mud will return at some point...

-Earlier this week I just about got knocked the frick out! As a gleefully bound down our back deck steps on evening....KASLAMMMMMOBANGORMAINE! I was knocked straight over the head and on to my ass with about 5 pounds of ice that came flying off the (metal) roof. I literally had a moment of "What in the fuck?!?" as I stood there outside trying to piece together what just happened. That bastard didn't even give me a warning rumble or nothing! Just silently went about its business. Here's the crime scene:

the blood has obviously already been washed away.... Ok so maybe there wasn't any blood but I had a huge egg on my head and a big red mark for days. Do you realize how many hours are in just one day?? Twenty-four of them! That's a lot.

-The roads are currently on 24-hour notice which means that they can shut down the ice crossings basically at any time...weee! This will mean break-up is in full effect...and this in turn will mean jacked up food prices and the world's worst mail service cause everything will be fly-in only for the next 6 weeks. Life is good.

-On my walk to work each morning I am keen on noticing dogs around town, and the other week I think I may have found my baby's daddy! Wait, actually before I show him, let me explain. Ok so we're all quite sure that Sadie and Chance are brother and sister, but apparently it's possible for a female dog to get pregnant from 2 different males? I KNOW! My mind was equally as blown. Just try and tell me you don't see a resemblence:

- As I alluded to in a previous post, Jill and I had been waiting for our stuff to get here from NS, and thankfully we finally got it all. Now when people say "Oh sure you're good Alex, but are you good enough to possess a toaster?", I can finally answer......"yes"

-Finally got around to taking a picture of our new place too! See here:

I hope the picture looks as washed out as I think it looks...

-I also finished up a long term stint of subbing the grade 5 class last week, and then was back to regular subbing yesterday with me filling in for the phys ed teacher. (sweatpants to work? why yes I will take you up on that offer)For my last day with the grade 5 class I set up a digital projector and played Wii all afternoon on the wall. What? The kids? Oh they were doing work of course. OOOOKAY, so maybe I let them play for a few minutes too. I do have a heart you know.

-As for McPherson itself...GONZOOOO as usual as can be seen from these pics taken mid afternoon:

That's all for now...


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Christiane aka Sadie's Mommy said...

This day.. May 3rd was my birthday and yet no mention of a happy birthday to your baby mama!

miss you and update more i love reading these!