Monday, May 26, 2008

I sold out.

The rumors are true! No longer am I the free wheelin', fight-the-man, bra-burning, nobody-puts-baby-in-the-corner individual I once was (or wanted to be). I've settled down a bit. Life still feels a bit helter skelter at times, but what can I say, it's just not in me to embrace that life style. The everyday for me now is kind of, well, normal. Apparently having a child (or getting a dog as the case may be) will do that to a guy.
I do most of the same things I used to do while in Nova Scotia to be honest. Work, eat , workout, dog walk, socialize, sleep, repeat. Except there's always a bit of a northern twist on it all. For instance, as of 2 weeks ago I'm now the Justice Coordinator here in McPhoo! While not extraordinary in itself, it is for me cause I'd never have a chance at a job like this while in NS (or at least not with another degree, 10 years more of experience, an extra 6 inches taller, and perhaps a colourful feather in my cap). So I've got that going on. Also, as I've mentioned before, no way in hell would I ever get to be a substitute teacher anywhere else but the north (and I ain't complaining! I don't want me teaching my kids).
The other stuff is likely pretty normal in any other small and isolated place I would imagine. Like how this past week McPherson has officially run out of milk. And, AND get this: I have been drinking my coffee sans coffee creamer for nearly 2 weeks now!! (I want your pity, give it here!)
Sleep has sucked as of late I will admit...we're basically at 24 hour sunlight now and my clock is buggered (internal clock that is. My $4 alarm clock is still working just fine, thanks Mom!). You know that feeling when you wake up and the day is already hot and the sun is already straight overhead? Not just rising, but full blown daylight? Know how you feel a slight tinge of guilt when that happens? I've been experiencing that every morning. :(
I don't remember the sunlight bothering me as much last year here...but then I was just a youthful and carefree boy back in those days. Time has aged this body of mine.
Anyway, Sadie is as good as ever, starting to slow down a weeeee bit with the heat but then who doesn't. Oooh ooh and a few of us went for another hike on the weekend (yesterday). Nothing too crazy but it was good to get out as the ferry that crosses the Peel River went in the water yesterday at noon. Freedom! Down with isolationism! Viva la road connection! Burn your bra!....and so on.

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Lisa said...

No no, Alex. Burn YOUR bra!! Great synopsis. Great pic. You are great. You continuously inspire me to update my blog with witty dialogue and snide remarks.