Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm moving!

A few days ago I was offered a job in Fort Simpson and I accepted! I won't be leaving McPherson for almost 2 weeks as I finish up my current job, pack, and say my goodbyes. Preparing myself to leave McPherson has been a lot tougher than I imagined it would be. Much more difficult than when I went back to NS last year I think. I was really homesick when I went home last time but as for right now I'm pretty damn content here in McPherson, except for work, as I am working several part time/casual time jobs which can be a bit unnerving as far as finances go sometime. But yeah, Simpson it is!

I don't know much about it yet...there's about 1200 people there (in my current world, this is big), it's much further south than McPherson and on the MacKenzie River. Actually (thanks to google maps) I have found that it would be a 2400km drive for me to get there. Or roughly the same distance as if you drove from Halifax to Chicago. But (thanks to the Wright Brothers) I will thankfully be flying there.

Simpson is still well within the friendly confines of the Northwest Territories, but it is much closer to "the south". Not that south (yeeeehawww!) but more like the rest of Canada. (for you see, whenever someone here says "I'm going down south for vacation" they usually mean Alberta or BC or the like)
The Nahanni National Park is very close to Simpson as well, and Simpson is the main launching point for getting into the park, so theres definitely some future possibilities there. umm The Pope visited there one time too(Or so I have been told). Not that I'm in any way a religious man, but golly gee, I sure do get starstruck easily.
Actually instead of trying to explain its location, I will instead COMMAND you to look at this: for McPherson itself, it's definitely a weird time here, regardless of my approaching departure. The end of the school year is approaching, which means moving time for all of the teachers (my sister included). But also, my brother is due for his departure to another NWT community in a few days, so his house will soon be filled by another member (ewww that just sounds...dirty). Nothing is too out of the ordinary as RCMP are transferred every 2-3 years anyway, but for me, his house has always been a kind of "home base" for me, so it'll definitely be weird to not have him there anymore. Ok so it'll only be weird for a few days since I'll be moving too, but come on, throw some pity my way!

The weather has been kinda miserable lately too, with the temperature hovering from 0-10 most days now. We even had snow (albeit flurries) a couple nights ago! Even more odd than snow was a couple days of rain in the last couple weeks. Being from Nova Scotia (and having recently been a resident of Halifax for 5 years) I have grown to dread the rain and overcast associated with it. But for most people in town, there is a certain joy that comes with the rain as it's so rare in these parts. Conversations usually go something like this:
Me: "Did you see we're supposed to get rain tomorrow? BAH HUMBUG! *SPIT TOOEY HACK HACK*"
Locals: "Yeah! Rain! Wahooo! *jig jig jig* I'm a baaaaaad baaad man! Y'all can't hold me down! *whistling and backflips*"

or something like that. It's refreshing to see rain causing happiness anyway.
And of course with the rain comes the mud...actually just last night we had all the dogs in the yard running around, and it apparently didn't cross any of our minds that dogs aren't as careful around mud puddles as they should be....

(the dark blurry blob would be Isiah, the Pastor's dog)

Later on in the evening we did impressions, and as usual, Chance brought the house down with his Abe Lincoln impression:

I don't think this makes any of us simple or bored, but his beard of mud was just too funny! Actually on second thought, I want you to call us simple and bored. *sigh*

Anyway, now I'm off to a garage sale! (or as it is known here, a "House Sale", cause nobody has a garage here. Really)

As I know more of my Simpson move or once I actually get there I'll update again...
Take care!