Friday, July 25, 2008

Fort Simpsonitis!

After much delay...I finally am able to do an update from the confines of Fort Simpson! (It really is a fort you know. Okay I lie, it's not really a fort, but someday soon I do plan on making a pillow fort in my room. It's gonna rule!)

The reason for the 6 week delay was mostly (completely) due to the fact that I didn't have a computer besides my work computer to use. I don't know about you but when there's a policy in place to not do personal tasks on company time I listen! And also I didn't have any pictures on my work computer. Blee blah bloooo

So I feel like I should start from the beginning in regards to Fort Simpson, much like I did when I first started this blog last year when I moved to Fort McPherson. (If you can't tell yet, I have a fetish with forts. rawr!)

I didn't really know anything about Simpson (you see how I can drop the "Fort" just like that? Yehawww!) before getting here besides the population and location, but even those were just numbers (or coordinates as the case may be. *pushes glasses up nose*). Having been here now for 6 weeks I think I have a pretty good lay of the land. It feels much bigger here than McPherson, both people wise and the area. Simpson is actually an island in the MacKenzie River that is connected by a causeway. It's serviced by the Liard Ferry a few minutes south of the island where the ferry crosses the (you guessed it!) Liard River. Most of the main roads here ARE paved (chip-sealed, whatever) which is a definite plus. The highway outta here is paved until you get to the checkpoint (a gas station that is at the junction where you can head east towards yellowknife or west to Ft. Liard and B.C.). Then it's back to the lovely dirt and gravel highway. But as shitty as the dirt road is here I still feel eleventy BILLION times better driving on it than the Dempster (hwy that serviced McPherson)
ANYWHO....this is getting boring, even for me. Back to Simpson:
Lots of young people, lots of tourists, lots of things to do. There's bball a couple times a week, there's 2 (TWO!!!!) bars, and if you have the money (lots of money that is) you can take tours into the Nahanni National Park. Okay so that doesn't sound like a lot, but remember where I moved here from. There's also a big Northern store here, and a small convenience store. And...*ahem* a liquor store...not that I know where that is. I read a pamphlet about it somewhere I think.
As for getting here, the trip made for a long day as I had to drive from McPherson to Inuvik, fly down to Yellowknife, wait a few hours, then hop on an Air Tindi (classssy baby) flight and then it was another 1.5 hours to fly into Simpson.
Here was my ride into Simpson:

oh it was this one, my mistake:

When I first got into town it all seemed so maybe I had made a huge mistake. I got in late in the evening, the airport was basically closed so I was blindly wandering around until I met up with the guy who was giving me a lift to the place I was setup to stay for a few nights. "Ernest" was his name, and he's a huge Dene guy with a long grey ponytail and a handlebar mustache. Kinda like a native version of the guy from Orange County Choppers. Anyway, the first few days were kinda weird, the people I was staying with were awesome and everything but I still was kinda unsure.
That was a long time ago (friggin 6 weeks, come on!) and now Simpson seems like paradise! Give or take a luxury or 2 of course.

I plan on updating a bit more regularly than every 6 weeks, just for future reference, so I need any readers of this to dial their "give a shit about Alex meter" to semi-regular updates. Thanks! Let's be friends.

This update is taking forever, and I'm lacking any pics of Simpson itself. I got to go into Yellowknife 2 times since moving here, so I haven't really had a chance to really "go without" for any length of time yet. Except for the 4 continuous months I was in McPherson before getting here...hmmm...

Sadie says "hi" too. She talks! She also puts the toilet paper back on the roll backwards.

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