Friday, August 29, 2008

Go Buddy Go!

Nothing really to update about...and I only posted that picture of Sadie smelling Pantera's bum to get you in the mood for dogs.

Anyway, just now on my way home from work I saw pure awesomeness! Right "downtown" (in front of the Northern) there was 3 dogs in the middle of the road, and then they all started seriously scrapping! What made it so remarkably awesome (as opposed to awesome) was that everyone was just clearing out of work (5pm) so everyone simultaneously stopped and were crowded on the sides of the road watching! A few people even yelled out cheers! "Go Buddy! Take em!!". And to top it all off, I know for a fact that one of the dogs involved in this scrap is actually named "Buddy". How could you possibly describe that situation with any other word besides "awesome"?? That's what I thought.

As for the long weekend, I'm hopping on a float plane tomorrow morning to fly out to a wedding for the weekend! yeeehawww! Have a....hard-working (?) Labour Day weekend!

All the dogs appeared to emerge OK from the scrap. In fact, Buddy even followed me home! We're friends.

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