Monday, September 22, 2008

Hayyy River, you sure do gots a purdy mouth

Annnnnnnnnnnd just like that the (outdoor) soccer season is over! We left first thing Friday morning and drove a little over 4 hours south east of Simpson to Hay River. It was a mostly uneventful weekend, with 4 mostly unsuccessful attempts at achieving NWT soccer fame, several mostly unsuccessful shopping excursions, 2 mostly successful attempts by youths to stay out and party all night and make the coaches then search on foot all over town to find them, annnnnnnd then a completely successful bus ride back home.
Speaking of success, if anyone out there reading this has been feeling that lately they simply have far too much energy and vitality, I fully recommend my new lifestyle plan. Lemme layout the basics:

1. Find a nice hard piece of cold floor to sleep on. A small school classroom is preferable.

2. Fill said classroom with approximately 15 guys who were recently playing soccer for several hours, making sure that all of their soccer gear is carefully distributed throughout the classroom. Please note: For optimal results, ensure that the majority (the vast, VAST majority) have not showered. Those who have not showered can be recognized by their claims of "nahhh I'm alright, I didn't really sweat that much" and "Yeah I showered".

3. Spend several days in this setting, and be sure to fully take in the aftermath of the soccer players' excellent choices in diet during this time.

4. ...

5. Profit!

(Please keep in mind that my definition of "profit" may vary slightly from your own)

As for Hay River itself...well I don't really know what to say. Besides the "skyscraper" there (15 stories) and the ridiculously self-confident bright purple school, it looks pretty much like any town you'd see down south. Not saying it wasn't nice, especially since I didn't see all of it. But still....seemed kinda "ho hum". HO HUM!
Then again Simpson probably doesn't seem "dee dah da doo" upon first glance either.

Anyway...we arrived back last night, and I am exhausted! It's also getting very cold...there's even been a few light flurries in the early morning or late at night. But then looking at other Northern blogs and talking to my brother in Lutsel K'e it sounds like Simpson is one of the few places to actually not get hit with a dump of snow so far.
Not much else new to speak of...bball season is starting soon (both coaching and NBA. yahoo!) so that should be keeping me busy. I've also been considering a second d-o-g...but that's just between you and me, I don't want s-a-d-i-e getting suspicious.

I sure hope hope her spelling hasn't improved. She never did see that s-p-a-y-i-n-g coming...mwahahaha!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Mongoose said...

Wait, you forgot to mention THE lamest Hay River landmark: that crappy inukshuk in front of Town Hall. Everyone has to take a picture of that and yes, the eye-sore school. Which is not only purple, but faded purple.

I live in the Highrise, by the way. But I wasn't home just then. Did you look for your doghouse while you were there?

And if you think you're cold now...

Way Way Up said...

Your tournament experience sounds familiar. I keep telling myself that nose and ear plugs are good things to have to make for a good night's sleep after a couple nights in a crowded classroom.

It can be pretty difficult for smaller teams to challenge the bigger communities but I know that Ft. Simpson has done pretty good at Super Soccer during certain years in the past. So you're one up on us. We have yet to send any teams to that tourney due to the insane travel costs. Good on you for getting involved with coaching. It can be exhausting but rewarding too.

Alex said...

I didn't get a chance to look for a dog house unfortunately...
I had a rough enough time just trying to get to stores when they were open. One of my many faults is that it takes me months if not years to figure out when stores would/should be open.

I was wondering about the high people fight tooth and nail to obtain the higher up floors? What's the view like up top? Is there a super-villain that lives on the 15th floor??

Mongoose said...

Well the landlord lives on the 17th floor, some people consider him a super villain. Personally I get along with him.

I don't think people fight tooth and nail for anything in the Highrise, it has a bad name and usually a fair number of vacancies. Personally I enjoy it. I'm on the seventh floor and the view would definitely be more spectacular from higher up (I hear that from the roof you can see the lake and across the river), but I love my apartment.

The view from my balcony is this and of course the school.

I can tell you the store hours for most stores in Hay River but I don't suppose you really want to know. :)