Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Signs...signs...everywhere a sign...

Lots of interesting signs around Fort Simpson...care to join me in viewing a few? Of course you do!

One of the more peculiar signs in town is the signpost next to the golf course when you first get on the island. I hope Watson Lake (Yukon) doesn't catch wind of Simpson's attempt at a Sign Post Yard or else we'll be the laughing stock of medium sized northern communities! A cool idea, but it seems to be lacking in its execution:

Here's the start of the appropriately titled "No Fun Trail" which runs along the MacKenzie River on the east side of the island:

What next!? No bipeds?! No kinetic energy!?!?

(I could be off about the name of that trail...for some reason "MacKenzie Walking Trail" seems to ring a bell...)

Take a look at this next scene, which is along the back road on the west side of the island:

Notice anything? Well upon closer inspection you'll find there is a resident who apparently doesn't enjoy life in the fast lane. You'd think whoever that person is would lighten up a bit! I'm sure the kids who exit the elementary school onto that road would really enjoy seeing some cars drive faster along here:

Moving on...we have one of the churches which is down by the Papal Flats.
I'm sure that if my church at home growing up was like this one I'd have taken more interest. Actually I still don't think I'd go. But I would at least tell people I did. Talk about wild west badassery!:

Next up, we have what could quite possibly be the more informative sign I've seen in some time:

I quite enjoy its ability to answer all those stupid questions we all want to ask but never actually do...such as "hmmm I wonder what's being built there? Oh, it's a New Office Building. Wow!" or "gee whiz, I wonder how much a big ol' building like that there one would cost? Wuh? $6,540,868? Oh, I guess that settles that then."

This pretty little gem is one of the signs you'll find plastered around any campground in the area. I assume it was the product of a Grade 5 drawing contest:

Look out campers! Those evil zombie embers are sneaking away to rape and/or kill the forest! Noooooooooooooo!

But then maybe I shouldn't be so critical. I still haven't figure out how to properly draw a foot with no shoe on in my drawings. My trees with a black hole in the middle are coming along nicely though. You can practically sense that there must be an owl living in there!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the sign that fall is in full effect:

*cues soothing piano music*

In case you haven't already figured it out, the sign at the top of the post would be that of my workplace...known locally as LKFN. The full name can also be spelled in a few different ways, none of which I can consistently remember.
The more you know...


Mongoose said...

We need one of those "no quads" signs for the Kiwanis Trail in Hay River. Our should say: no quads, no trapping, no sex. (Or at least no leaving used condoms on the trail.)

I'm a great spokesperson, aren't I?

Pooch said...

hahaha you do draw great trees! way better than the 3D boxes Kelly Harnish taught me to draw!

Alex said...

I wonder what ol' Kelbel is up to these days?...
Still dipping I assume??