Sunday, October 5, 2008

No snow and too much rain makes Alex go something something...

Still no snow. NONE! There was a couple of times late at night when I was out walking Sadie and I think I saw a flurry or two (flurry...McDonalds....snack wrap.....*drool*.....sorry, sorry I'm back) but then I'm starting to wonder if I actually even saw them. Hell for all I know there could have been a business tycoon further down the road riding a golf cart and tipping the ashes from his cigar into the air. I'm starting to think the chances are about the same as having actual snow right now. After talking to friends in Fort McPherson, my brother in Lutselk'e, and seeing all the other northern blogs, it would appear that everyone else has received at least some snow. But nooooo Fort Simpson has to be all high and mighty with it's unofficial nickname as "The Garden of the MacKenzie" and bring down liquid water from the skies. I want snow dammit!
(That really is the nickname of Simpson. Kind of nice I guess. I would have preferred it to be something with some spice though. "The Tank of the MacKenzie". "The BASE Jumper of the MacKenzie". I really don't think I'm asking for too much here people)

I've slowly been bringing out my winter gear (and ordering more from MEC, naturally) in the hopes that I can trick Mother Nature into bringing us some snow.
"Oh shit! Did I blackout?? I knew I shouldn't have had that last round of shots, that guy has his winter gear out! I must have melted all the snow when I was hammered."

I even was down in my basement earlier just staring at my snowshoes for a while. Soon my pretties, soon.

You can be sure that once we get a good downing of snow I will return with a pic-tacular update chronicling my descent into in a state of snow-induced naked running around the streets joy-fest.

You've probably already figured out that the picture is NOT from this year....but it helps to make my agony all that much more real by posting snowylike pictures

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April said...

Oh quit it with the snowy smugness will you. You can guarantee you'll have snow soon and I WON'T HAVE ANY AT ALL.

But make sure you post some pics when you do get some so I can pretend.