Friday, October 17, 2008


Yahoooooo!! When I first woke up yesterday morning at 7:30 it said there was a chance of flurries...but by the time I showered and went out the door for work at 9 it was SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLALALALALLAAAAAAAAAAAA! Perhaps you can't sense my excitement simply by reading text, but I think the most direct comparison I can think of would be if I had just had a baby. A cold, temporarily lasting baby.

It has been snowing pretty much nonstop since yesterday morning....slowly accumulating....but it's getting there! I'd guess about 5cm so far. But even so, how I love its powdery goodness! Oh snow, I would eat you for breakfast, lunch, AND supper.
Speaking of eating, I've noticed that since I let Sadie out for the day in the snow yesterday (followed by a run with me after work where I was so delightfully giddy that I'm sure I alienated at least one person) that her appetite is veracious! Through the summer she eats her food more casually, as if she knows that she must consume a required allotment of calories to sustain her body mass. This is about her level of excitement to eat.
But come the winter...hoooo boy! I just let her in from being outside and she's more along the lines of: "WOOOOOOOOOO! AWWWWWWWWW YEAH! That's some good shit out there Dad! You shoulda seen this one snowflake! Woooooooooosh! I thought I was gonna catch it in my mouth but then kablammmmo! It was all going the other way and everything! Hey...seriously!?! awwwwww hells yeah pops! Food! I fuckin love that stuff! *NOM NOM NOM*"
(I do believe that NOM NOM NOM is universally accepted as the sound one makes when eating food)

I'm still skeptical if this snow fall will entirely last, as the ground wasn't frozen as solid as it will need to be. If it gets anywhere around zero degrees in the next few days I predict mud. Lots and lots of mud.

Anywho, I'm off to go rub snow over all my belongings. I LOVE SNOW.


allmycke said...

I'm with you - I LOVE snow and I can hardly wait for it to cover my surroundings.

Megan said...

We keep getting dusted with snow, but it hasn't stayed yet.

Tina said...

I'm so jealous. No snow yet.

Christiane said...

forget about snow and come home for a visit would you?