Thursday, November 27, 2008

ah ha! the path to success!

There it is! Now to just calmly walk down this quaint path and I'll be well on my way to becoming a fully responsible adult! *slips on ice* whoaaaa whoaaaa ahhhhhhh! *twists maniacally from side to side in futile attempt to save self* UGH! *eventually falls and knocks self out on ice*

...ta da!

So that's basically what my life as of late has been. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as I don't want you getting the impression that this will be another negative Ned (Alex) ranting post. I swear I'm generally a pretty positive guy! But it is more fun to rant than it is to gloat.

right right, so, moving onto the meat:

More so than I think I have ever been in my life, I'm attempting to be involved and active, not only from a fitness standpoint but also in the community. As I have mentioned previously, I've been coaching the high school boys basketball team, which is going great, minus the fact that I now make it seem like a good thing when we have 6 guys show up (6 is better than 3!). In addition to the 2 practices a week, a bunch of us also scrimmage another 2 times a week. I still hit the weight room 3 or 4 times a week, and then I've been trying a couple of new things the last couple of weeks. I went to volleyball on Monday, which, despite my loathing of all things volleyball in high school, was actually pretty fun. Last week a judo club also started in Simpson, so I tried that out Saturday morning. That was also kinda fun.

"Yo fool, what about your dog? Where does she fit in all this?"

I'm getting there! geez....

There has been a bit of a snowshoevolution in the last couple of weeks in Fort Simps-*record needle scratch*

hooooooooooooold up! Snowshoevolution?? You gotta be kidding me man. That's the last straw, I was only reading this blog of yours to be nice, and to be really honest with you, I really only ever enjoyed the times when you talked about your dog...but seriously, that was straight up lame, I'm outta here!

hmm....point taken. Sorry everyone, I'll try and keep the Alexisms to a minimum from here on in...
okay okay, so as of late there has been a bit of a renaissance of snowshoeing (suck on that diction!) on the island, and a group of us have been going snowshoeing at least a few times a week right after work or on the weekends. I love it! At the risk of sounding slightly geeky (and incriminating the people who I snowshoe with) most of us have purchased headlamps to make it possible to trek around despite the lack of daylight.

So anyway, we usually take our dogs with us too, so as you might have guessed, Sadie is one tired canine. When I get up in the mornings for work she doesn't even budge! Sometimes I'll get a head lift out of her but then she always just goes back to sleep without a care for me whatsoever. (disloyal mutt....)

Work has been interesting lately since this past week was National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW) and I had the opportunity to organize a few different events to take place during that time. Has definitely allowed me to meet lots of people from other organizations/businesses in Simpson that I otherwise would not be aware of.

So when does the other boot drop?

Well even though I am (well, was) feeling amazing physically and socially, other areas of my life have been suffering. My laundry has been piling up to a level where all of my attire choices for the day are based upon the process of elimination rather than choice. I have been without a window blind for well over a week because even though I just got a new one in from Sears, I tore down the old one, but then kinda lost the motivation/energy to put up the new one halfway through. So now I just wake up each morning with the sun in my eyes and I just look in spite towards my uninstalled blinds.
annnnnnd now, well, as of this morning anyway, I'm sick. Me! Sick! This is not good! Do you realize how much whining I am capable of when I get sick? You've been warned. summary: I love being active, I hate being sick. And uhh..happy American Thanksgiving?


Boo said...

Bonjour B.. this is why I read your blog..much better!

Pee Ess-You'd better get well before Saturday's BBQ at Great Slave!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Love the blog, read all the time. Just noticed by reading back that you are from Nova Scotia. So are we. From where?

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I grew up in Beaver Bank and Rob is from Timberlea.