Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I ain't built for this shit!

Coming from the safe, warm womb of my Nova Scotia upbringing, I tend to have a difficult time adapting to the cold, dry climate that western/northwestern Canadians seem to be better suited for. When I first moved to the NWT I kinda figured I'd find the dry air a bit different, but figured my (supposedly) adaptive body would, well, adapt. But ohhhhhhh no, 2 years in and my body is still a mess of "gimme more hand cream!" proportions.

I really love the cold, at least my mind does, but god dammit my body just ain't listening!

My face always has a somewhat comical shade of red-rosiness to it, my skin has asked that I know refer to it as "scales", and my eyes constantly feel like I have vacuum cleaner hoses attached to them. uhh I did say my eyes feel like there's a vacuum attached to them. You sickos!
On top of all that, most of my finger tips are rather grotesque looking (split open as a result of dryness and playing basketball), I wake up every morning feeling as though someone pulled the ol' "dump kitty litter in his mouth while he sleeps" trick on me, and my vision suffers from temporary sun-spots if I catch a glimpse of myself when stepping out of the shower in the morning.

Having an ill-designed lifemobile (I feel as though I've used the word "body" too many times in this post already) does have some benefits though. We stick together with other unfortunate people. At least I do. I know that when I'm walking down the street and I see someone else with a rosy, dry face I kinda give a nod. THEY KNOW what I'm talkin about. It's our signal. Oh sure, they don't return the signal, but that's the code. I nod, they narrow their eyes and stare at me suspiciously.

Regardless, I friggin love this place!
In more non-ranty's the sky outside of my office this morning:


Meandering Michael said...

Forget coating yourself with skin cream or sticking your cracked hands into bags of vaseline overnight.

Just drink an extra glass of water or two every day. Seriously. It works.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour B..

Someone's being a little dramatic..wouldn't you say???

Way Way Up said...

I feel your pain.....I've been in the North for a few years now and every winter I get psoriasis and red patches....really nice when you get it on your face I know. I suck back the vitamin C and D like they are going out of style, eat plenty of oranges, stay hydrated and try to get as much sun as I can when I visit my family in Ontario. Until they build a large glass dome over Arctic Bay and install giant sun lamps in the dark season my solutions will have to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not alone!
The scales, the rosy cheeks, the thirst for moisturizer and the kitty-litter mouth in the morning are all things I deal with. My lifemobile is from St. John's and I feel like a fish out of water!
This stuff is a lifesaver:

Alex said...

thanks for the ideas! I have actually been trying to consume even more water than I usually do...but I already drink a ton of the stuff because I'm mindful of getting dehydrated while playing sports.
I'm thinking my best bet is to find a unitard and fill it with moisturizer and wear it around day in day out. Oh sure, people will laugh and point at first, but once they see how smooth and supple my skin is THEN who will be laughing!...