Monday, December 29, 2008

It was the best of times it was the blurst of times...

First off...happy holidays everyone!

That's right, I'm doing the unthinkable and using one hour of my 500+ hours of vacation to do a blog update!

Where to start...

I've been in NS for a little over a week now, and it's been quite busy believe it or not. A time of contrasts, if you will. The excitement to see family and friends was fueling me as I took off from the Simpson airport last Thursday afternoon...and unfortunately I was running on fumes soon after. Massive delays at EVERY AIRPORT on the way home will do that to a guy. I know! Beneath my rugged, ridiculously impressive exterior is a regular person just like you! A regular person who wanders about aimlessly while contemplating selling off all of their possessions in an act of defiance at the Calgary airport.
Let's see...there were weather delays at the Yellowknife airport, the Edmonton airport, the Calgary airport, and Toronto airport, and then yet another delay in waiting to be picked up at the Halifax airport. Although, to be fair to my brother and cousin who picked me up, it wasn't really their fault as they didn't have a clue of what time to pick me up. I think being in Simpson where theres only 2 flights a day has led me to believe that every airport is in the same boat. The only piece information I relayed onto my family in regards to my flight was that it was on Thursday. Apparently, there's more than one flight that comes into the Halifax airport on any given day. Who knew!

Anywho, so come Friday afternoon, I was finally back in Nova Scotia. It was a time of glee! Friends! Family! No snow! 12C weather! Rain! Getting jumped on my way home from downtown!...

yeah....sorry to make that into a bit of a downer. But yeah, without going into too much detail I was sucker punched/jumped on my way home Saturday night by several cowards, which led to me acquiring several holiday cuts/bruises and 2 damaged teeth. I suppose things could have been much worse had I been knocked out as a result of the sucker punch but luckily I made it out relatively unscathed. Will the Christmas miracles never cease!?!

Needless to say, my face as a result of my Saturday night has not helped to alleviate the perception that I live in the bush amongst the natives of the isolated north. But is that really such a bad thing?
As much as I'm against the over usage of the term "irony", I will say I do find it a bit ironic that I've yet to ever have any problem while living in the NWT, where crime supposedly runs rampant and out of control, yet the 2nd day I'm in a sleepy little town in Nova Scotia I have this happen! The ironing is delicious, indeed. (obscure? maybe)

You may also have noticed in the picture above that I appear to have lost a mustache bet. Not true! I have decided to not shave at all while on vacation. Take THAT, (the) man
I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely suck at growing facial hair, although I'm not quite sure how much skill it actually takes. (Am I not rubbing the correct amount of motor oil and gravel on my face before bed each night? Is that what it is?)
Regardless, I still have the opinion that guys who can grow kick ass beards are better than me. Things are looking up for me though; last night while sitting at the local pub with some friends I was voted as being 4th Best At Growing Facial Hair!
And get this: There were more than 4 people there! (There were 9! And only one of the 9 was a girl!)

In more visually appealing happenings, I've been down to Peggy's Cove (and the area surrounding it) 2 times already. This is a good thing because I have lots of family there and I love the scenery there. For those not in the know...go there! You will love it! Or at least have a good, commitment-free night with it.
I hope the following series of pictures can help to convey the sense of beauty and awesomeness that is Peggy's Cove:




But I gotta be honest with you, all this excitement has made me tired. Time to go lie back down on the couch with one arm and one leg hanging effortlessly off the side and let the drool accumulate on my shoulder. (Hey, don't hate)

I hope everyone is having a break as good as mine!

That was not intended to be a threat against you. It hasn't been THAT bad for me! I promise.


Tina said...

Wow, it sucks that you got jumped. Did you lose anything? And I can't believe how warm it is there. Mom has been telling me all about it. And I remember well about being exhausted on vacation. After the first week there of traffic and people and crowds I longed for my quiet little piece of home up here. Love the pictures. Keep them coming!

Karan said...

Hi Alex,

For some reason, is giving me credit for this post. Hmmmm.

I hope you're all right.

Megan said...

Geez. What lousy luck.

jen said...

HOLY CRAP! Don't you wish you'd carry a taser for moments like getting jumped? The only other person that I know that had been "jumped" also came from out guys must just be rough out the ghetto of Canada or whatever!

jozien said...

Hi! I didn't fall in love with your face, but i like your writing!
And i do love to read about the NWT. And hopefully your face looks better soon.

Boo said...

Chicks dig scars, pray that it leaves one...

Alex said...

thanks for the positive comments everyone! My face is looking much better now...still a bit rough, but hey, scars build character...right?....

I just had the last of my dental work finished today so I'll be sure to update about my new mug soon!