Monday, December 15, 2008

There was something I was supposed to do...

hmmm okay so maybe I am a bit of a procrastinator. You don't have to go making a big deal of it! I'm sure you have faults too. I'll get around to pointing them out some other time...

Anywho, so the time for my holiday vacation is quickly approaching, and I still have a frickload of things to get done before I go. In typical Alex fashion, I've been talking about these things I need to get done for several weeks, yet I refuse (forget, whatever) to complete them until the last second in a raving lunatic-like manner. What to do...

-Finalize Sadie's dogsitter plans: __ (This one is driving me crazy! I dun wanna leave muh baby gurl!)
-Wrap up work related projects/tasks: __
-Pack for the trip to NS: __
-Clean the house before I go: __
-Fix several items on my truck: __
-Purchase Xmas gifts: __
-Make a pointless list that only makes me feel worse about being such a slackass: CHECK!
-Whole whack of drinking and say my temporary goodbyes to everyone in Simpson: Can you really ever fully check this one off?

Regardless of what the next 2 days of mad-dashing-around-trying-to-get-shit-done have in store for me, I'm definitely looking forward to the trip to Nova Scotia. (Minus the actual trip to Nova Scotia that is. How I love thee, Edmonton Airport)
I haven't been to see NS in almost a year, so who knows what it'll look like! New haircut?? New shirt!? Who knows! I sure don't.

I've had a few people down south already ask me how I'm able to take over 3 weeks off work for vacation, and not one of those days are actually annual days. Well, for those inquisitive minds, many of the offices (Government, First Nations, a couple others) simply shut down for 2 weeks over the holidays, all of which is paid time off! A wonderful system I like to think.
Of course I'm sure there's the select few that work gov't that either will still be required to work or don't get that time off with pay. select few...uhhh ummm well...I'm really sorry I brought it up at all. Is that Christmas Rage I see on your face? Wow, that's definitely more intense than regular rage...

During my time out east I won't likely be doing any updates, mainly because I assume my social calendar will be packed to the gills and anything that doesn't involve PURE AWESOMENESS, such as this blog, will simply have to wait. No no, you're correct, this blog does contain AWESOMENESS, but the pureness of it is lacking. (Fun fact: This blog has an aluminum alloy frame...helps to keep the weight down while maximizing durability!)
But seriously...I do expect to have a lot of free time, I just don't know that my motivation will be making the flight east with me. We shall see.

In other news:
I traveled to Fort Nelson, BC this past weekend with the basketball team and the other coach for a small tournament. It was actually my first time seeing BC in any form whatsoever. So while you southernites would likely hit up Whistler or another lame locale such as Vancouver, I got to pop my cherry with Fort Nelson! I don't fuck around! (Tone it back Alex...easy now)


It was a nice drive down from Simpson, about 5 hours south of here. I had never seen the mountains down that way, and gosh darn it, they sure were purdy. See here y'all:

Nice, yes? No? NO?! I see...

As for the tournament, we placed 2nd out of 4 teams. So a mostly successfull weekend for our team. And by team I'm referring to all 5 players. Yes...we were lacking in players for the weekend. But regardless, we had a good time and impressed the Fort Nelson fans so much that their heads exploded!! HAAAHAAAAAA YEAH! ...a lot.

Well I should go going and add more things to not do to my list.

If you're wondering about the blurry photo at the top of the post, it's one of the 3 caribou we saw alongside the road on the drive home from Ft. Nelson on Sunday, along with 3 moose, and a fox. Wahoo!
And you're right, it does seem out of place at the top of the post. Hmm....


Mongoose said...

Actually given that you're union, I very much doubt that anyone is not getting the day off with pay. And if they're required to work, you can be sure they'll get paid for their time PLUS the same holiday pay you're getting. In addition, if they're essential enough to be required to work during that time, they're probably going to be the least threatened by the upcoming round of job cuts. So I rather doubt they're really that upset about it.

Boo.. said...

Bonjour B...

I'm so glad that I am one of those people that get paid not to work!...I cannot wait for the 23rd..

Too Bad you wont get to experience what Fort Simpson has to offer over the holidays...and trust me, there's A LOT...and by A LOT I mean....very little.

Send me a postcard of my hometown Windsor!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Lucky you to be going home for christmas. Take a big whiff of the salt water for me.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

We'll be looking for Nova Scotia pictures!