Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Awards Night!

All your favourite stars! Who was wearing what? The exclusive after parties! Shrinkage! Frozen eyelashes! Swag bags from the Northern!.......wait what? Just what kind of awards show was this?

Why the 2008 NWT Blog Awards of course!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, while you were getting drunk and offending your relatives, I was apart of an elite panel of judges assigned with the task of reflecting on the ever expanding world of NWT bloggers! I was asked by Megan over at Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills to pick the Best New NWT Blog for 2008.

When Megan asked me if I would be interested in being a judge, I naturally asked "How much does it pay?"
After a lot of arguing, insults, defamation of character, and crying, we came to an agreement that I would do it for free. She did hint that it should (or was it could?) get me some chicks at some point down the road. Regardless, I'm putting this sucker on my resume!

As you may have noticed, I'm a bit late it getting around to actually releasing the results of my judging. See the thing is, when I agreed to do this, I kinda forgot that I would actually have to do this. Damn Megan and her literal requests!

Anywho, moving on to things that are relevant...the judging!

I had a tougher time than I thought in picking a winner, especially so since one of the blogs that was nominated I was new to, and, more importantly, I do not speak French. err....
To make up for this, I called in a favour with an old friend called Babel Fish and was able to spend some time with Sur les routes de l'Asie
I really enjoyed the photography on display here, but for the most part, the blog is detailing their travels throughout Asia. Looking into the archives I found the NWT content, but whereas it's not really an ongoing northern blog I didn't feel that I could really include it with the others. Despite my qualms, they have definitely found themselves a new follower! (with the assistance of babel fish of course)

Next up was On the Tundra of the North. This was a tough one (hell, all of them were!) for me to judge because I know the author personally and I found many of his posts to be that much more interesting because of the local subject matter. However, this blog is particularly new, and as a result, there's only so many posts on display. For anyone looking for a blog containing a very intriguing writing style (and a great taste in music) be sure to check it out.

Moving on we have Cynthia's Arctic Adventure. Again, this was another blog that I wasn't too familiar with, but I did really enjoy the content as I used to live in the Delta area. Her blog definitely has a following of friends and family which is always great to see, and I could see this being a good blog for anyone who wanted to see what the life of someone living in Inuvik would be like. Great to see the pictures of Inuvik, especially so since I don't have Inuvik Phil around anymore to get my Inuvik fix! So while I enjoy your blog Cynthia, I didn't chose it as the top new blog.

And now, the moment that will define a generation, our generation, *drum roll please*


Ferry Tales!!!

While all the nominees were worthy of praise, I really felt that Laura has carved out a great blog with a strong following in a short amount of time. This one has been around since March of 2008, and in the time since then, Laura has been updating very frequently and consistently. Posts covered everything from photography to daily events, and even personal reflection. Best of all, there is definitely a Yellowknife flair to it all. (Not that this is necessarily always a good thing mind you! Speaking as a non-YK'er, there is always a certain level of resentment toward the "big city"! But I digress...)
Congrats Laura!

And that concludes tonight's over worded awards ceremony...a thank you goes out to all the nominees for your continued involvement in the northern blogging community! Most notably, I would like to thank Megan for allowing me to get on my high horse (if only for several minutes) so that I may bring others before me in judgment. If it wasn't for her arranging the NWT Blog Awards how would we know who to hold in high regard and who to look down on?? I LIE.

Congratulations to all other winners in this year's blog awards! Be sure to check out the contest page to see who won what.

Until next year...


Megan said...

Excellent choice! Congratulations, Laura!

I'll update the contest site as soon as I get home from work. Thanks so much for being part of the contest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alex! I'm glad you enjoyed my uppity Yellowkniferness. I will keep it up!

P.S. Please write more frequently - I love your blog.

jen said...

Congratulations Alex on second place for Best NWT blog!

April said...

Congratulations on your award too!