Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodbye South...

As I expertly predicted, my vacation and time in Nova Scotia did in fact come to an end.
Let's summarize the break, shall we?

3 weeks vacation:

2 major storms:

1 sucker punch:

2 root canals:

2 many nights of drinking:

1 supersized donair and serving of Street Meat:

5 pounds gained:

(see above)

countless amounts of money spent (at least it seems that way):

*picture confiscated by Revenue Canada*

and last but not least...
1 long overdue reunion!:

Was it tough heading back this time around? Well, sort of...but it definitely is easier each time I travel south. Sure, it's awesome to see family and friends, and it's great to get away for a bit, buuuuuuut after going for 3 weeks with no routine whatsoever AND being separated from my daughter (a very hairy and gnaws on her paws for fun daughter, that is) I couldn't wait to be back!

Plus, as an added bonus, when I got back it was a wonderful -40C outside and that whole "dark outside all the time" thing still seems to be the norm.

...hello darkness, my old friend!

In other news, I was happy/surprised to find out last week that I placed second in the "Best Overall Blog" category in the 2nd annual NWT Blog Awards! I was still in NS at the time I received this honour nobody around me really seemed to comprehend the magnitude of this information! Most of the congratulatory praise I received was along the lines of:
"What's a NWT?"
"Stop making up things. If you're gonna do that it should at least make sense"
"Why haven't you left yet?"

Congrats to Megan for her 1st place finish!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

So you DID have a donair! I know what you mean about going down and then coming back up North, it gets easier every time you go. We have been home twice now since we moved here in June 2007, and although I do enjoy vacation time, by the end I can't wait to get back. Cute pic of you and your "girl".

Boo said...

Bonjour B...

Awww...Sadie is sooo cuuute!

Best picture I saw all day

Karan said...

Hi Alex,

This is a great post. Unfortunately, I am, once again, getting the credit for it on NWT Blogs. The good thing about it is that it has me reading your blog, which is fabulous and very entertaining. The downside is that you should get the credit for these great posts.

I will try working on it from my end, but you may want to contact NWT Blogs as well.

And, I will certainly continue to read your posts, irrespective of who is getting the credit.