Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been told it's cold.

After last weekend's little burst of hell like weather (why do we always have to associate Hell with the bad? hmm? Next time you wanna go somewhere warm, instead of blowing $2k on going to Mexico just push that old lady down that's crossing the street. Hellooooooooo savings!), Simpson is back to the cold. Yesterday it was -36C and with the windchill it was -46C. Unfortunately, I was not the eager beaver that I usually am when it comes to checking the weather first thing in the morning. So out the door I went to work. End result? Add one more notch to my bedpost!

hmm? Wuh? Really?...oh...sorry, I was under the impression that you use that phrase to refer to the number of times you've received frostbite. To clarify: I did not have sex on the way to work yesterday.

But yes, the tip of my nose is now host to a nice nickel-sized patch of redness! Although it could be frost-nip...I'm still not entirely sure when which is which.
I could tell is was a bad idea walking to work that day once I was gritting my teeth together and quietly moaning as I neared the 1/2 point of my 500m journey. "ooohh, yeaaaaahh, shit shit shit shit shit, yearrrgggggg, damn!"
(hey, come on, we're talking about the walk to work. Get your mind outta the gutter! And my eyes are up here! Thank you.)
I had to laugh at myself later on though: I was drinking in the lounge of the curling club last night (it's okay, other people were there too) and when I went to wash my hands in the bathroom I caught a glimpse of how rough my face is getting. Red scar on my forehead, red patch of frostbite on the end of my nose, small scar under my eye from sledding in November, and that's all in addition to the regular red hue and dry skin (don't forget about the blushing!) that accompanies yours truly on a daily basis. It all adds up to the dashing figure that stands before you textually. (picture taken PRE-frost nippery!)

Ladies! Ladies? Hellooooo?
What? You're shampooing your hair tonight too? Huh, well I guess you gotta do what you gotta do...

I still love the cold, despite that fact that it has now back handed me on several occasions now. I actually got a pair of trekking poles in the mail a couple of days ago. This acquisition will surely allow me to better maneuver the obstacles upon which Mother Nature has presented before me in this season known as Winter. Just kidding! They make great anchors for my camera to hook onto when I am snowshoeing solo. Who likes terrifying family photos??

No! Hey! It's just me! Stop crying...see! See it's just me...Alex!
Sorry, I'll try and refrain from doing that anymore.

Anywho, I'm off to go jump about to and fro outside in the lovely sun.

Have a great weekend!

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Mongoose said...


Frostbite causes an actual injury, is extremely painful, and generally requires medical attention. When no tissue destruction occurs (e.g. you), that's frostnip.