Sunday, January 25, 2009

More from Ripley's Believe It or Not...

My roommate's tires are really big:

Sittin' on 24" rims indeed!

Okay so maybe a slight exagerration was conveyed in that picture but they are rather large. For those wondering how the hell he could drive around in the nonstop snow and ice of Fort Simpson. can't. Hence why they are sitting in the living room and not on his truck anymore.
And for those other people who are wondering why the hell I'm posting about tires, I'm hungover. Maybe I'm alone on this, but when I'm hungover (once a year, only on a special occasion, and there was lots of supervision last night...I promise Mom) I notice odd things while laying around the house in a generally useless manner. So while I was sprawled on the couch downstairs this morning I couldn't take my eyes off of the tire in the living room. It looked big. Really big! So I just had to tell someone about it.
This mindset is the same reason how I noticed the way the light was shining in my room last week kinda looked like a dog on the wall. Kinda. But nobody was home for me to discuss this with. So here we are!

uhh...want your 2 minutes back? Well you can't have them! They're mine! MWAHAHAHAHA

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