Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please don't let the lack of insulation in my house have any bearing on your judgement of my character...

It's no secret in Fort Simpson that the units of housing I live in aren't world-renowned luxury apartments. There are many nicknames to describe them, some more humorous than others, but all are pretty much spot on:
"The projects"
"The slums"
"Behind the Manor"
"The fourplexes"
etc etc etc

the one thing all these names have in common (besides the location to which they refer) is that telling anyone you live there is almost certainly going to be responded to with an "oh.....nice".
Hey, at least they're trying to humour me.

As far as I can tell, these spots were built in the (early) 80's...and then skip ahead 25 years...and boo ya! hello modern day. Apparently, back in the 80's, far-flung technologies things such as "insulation" and "working light switches" had not yet been devised.

I kid you not, I spend a good 30-40% of my waking hours flicking light switches on and off trying to turn the lights on. The other 60-70% of the time? That would be spent curled up in a ball in the corner mumbling something about "it flicks the light switch up or it gets the hose".
Examples? Well, despite my errs in judgment in the past about posting slightly less than flattering pictures, I'd rather not show you the "incoherent fetal position" Alex just yet. What are you doing next week though?
ooh right, getting back on track, examples...yes...well here's my front door...the inside of my front door:

(note to you: if ever trying to escape from my house, make sure you wear gloves)

At the posterior end of my place, have a look at my back door:

Unfortunately that snow isn't there because of regular gravity...that door stays shut for the most part. That snow enjoys candlelight dinners, animals, and migrating into the house past the other wooden door that is supposed to stop it.

Lucky for me, the furnace has been kicking in nonstop to keep me company. Unfortunately, he seems to have a heating fuel problem though...I'm thinking an intervention might be necessary...

In unrelated news, there was a hockey tournament in Simpson last weekend! Yippee!:

The hockey tournament itself wasn't that blurry. At least not for me. I can't speak for all the fans in attendance though...

The wrap things up for today, for those of you thinking to yourself: "Well shoot, if I can't judge Alex based on his lack of insulation, what can I judge his character on?"
Ask and ye shall receive! Check out the awesome:


Ferry Tales said...

Cool! Your name came up as "Alex" and not "Karan" in my feed.

Megan said...

I thought we were going to see an interesting reflection in the doorknob. You've created expectations, you know.

Alex said...

finally, I am a real person!

Listen here Megan, life can't solely consist of shirtlessness and bed jumpery! Or can it...hmmm...I'll get back to you on that.