Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who likes guessing games?

Here's your challenge!:



Give up yet?


That's right! It's a scar!

For those that have been following this blog in the previous weeks, this scar is the one remaining visible remnant of my beloved altercation that occurred during my holidays in Nova Scotia. Oh sure, it may not seem like much of a scar, and it really isn't, but folks have we learned nothing from our Real Estate talks? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!
The location of this scar? Smack dab in the middle of my forehead!:

Kinda makes it seem like "more" of a scar doesn't it? To make things worse, this scar seems to enjoy becoming more red, and hence, MORE visible when I'm in the cold. Guess what? It's cold in Fort Simpson. Bah!
Ah well, it has at least created some entertainment for the Fort Simpsonites (why not?) since I got back last week. Some of my favourite comments have been:
"Do you know you have a huge red mark in the middle of your forehead?"
"Woooooooooooo! Hickey!"
and my personal favourite...
"Ah ha! I see you have the push-start feature."

What can I do really? I just stick with my tried and true reaction to everything, which is to laugh and blush. It's kind of what I do. Laugh, and then blush. Even if I'm not blushing and someone asks me if I am blushing, I blush! WTF body?! Cut me some fricken slack would ya!

In other news, yours truly was featured yet again in this week's territorial newspaper, the News North! Hmm? Ah? You' week's News North?...ah...ha. Okay so maybe I'm not being completely honest. Yes I wasn't exactly "featured". But there was a mention of my first name, and I promise you it was referring to this Alex! Lookie here (and clicky here to make the image bigger/readable):

Doesn't look much like me behind that coffee mug does it? Well that would be because it's not. Learn to read captions would ya!
The lovely Megan of Snow Covered Hills may have scored the picture, and the story, and the first place designation...but who was noted as being "amusing"? That's right. ME. Not you.
You've still got a long way to go Megan. Take notes.

Oddly enough my phone hasn't been ringing off the hook since this recent episode of media frenzy. No no, I already checked with phone company, the line seems to be fine...I thought that's what it was roommates maybe?? Yes that must be it. They've been keeping the messages of adoring fans from me to try and keep me grounded. Of course! Oh those wily roommates of mine!

Moving on...take a look at the cover of the above mentioned copy of News North:

What?? This attractive looking woman isn't a multiple time Stanley Cup winner that you recognize?? Yes well you're not the only one. Turns out she's a teacher in Paulatuk and that the actual Cup winners who were there were Bryan Trottier and Al Conroy. Shame on you News North for misleading me by putting an attractive female on the cover!

(Note to self: Move to Paulatuk and go to the school)

I was half-afraid to write that one paragraph about Megan. I'm terrified of being ripped on by her! Her grammer are much gooder then mine! Ah dammit! I mean grammar! No no, I meant than! No no! Not are! eeek!
(make that fully-afraid)


Tina said...

Push start! Ahahahaha. You nearly cost me a new keyboard (I almost spit my coffee laughing).

Bushman said...

You get that same feeling from Megan as well! :)

Way Way Up said...

I was actually considering applying for a teaching position down in Paulatuk a couple years back.


dangerous D said...

Holsapple created a contest, which she then won? hmmm...ominous.

Megan said...

The secret is to bribe the judges with sexual favours. Here's the best part: It was a panel, so I only had to make this offer to HALF of the judges. I'm all about efficiency.

Alex said...

so then the other half of the panel was....for fun?

I keeeeeeeed!

Megan said...

One of the judges arrives tomorrow. I'm picking her up and liquoring her up. Coincidence?

Mongoose said...

Sheesh. I won a category and I didn't even get called "amusing." Newspaper's pet! See you at recess!