Monday, February 9, 2009


Pop Quiz

At what point does one feel like they're no long an outsider in Simpson?

A) Once they have been living there for 1 year
B) Once they have a road in Wild Rose named after them
C) The day you can, with confidence, cite all the acronyms of the various organizations/offices in town
D) The day people start calling you by name and now referring to you as "hey you"
E) Once everyone starts waving to you when walking or driving around town

For those that guessed A), you're flat out wrong. You just are.

If you guessed B), thats a good guess, but there's only so many roads up there so good luck joining those exclusive ranks.

If you guessed D), lay off would ya? Some people just have really bad memory alright! (myself included...)

You would think E) would make sense as well, but nope, because in Simpson everyone will wave to you whether you've been living here for 1 day or 1 decade. Kinda nice I like to think!

For those who were waiting to fill in their blank until after they found out the correct answer...the right choice would be C)! (if you didn't figure it out you really should start judging a post by its title)

It has taken me the full 9 months I've lived in Simpson, but I can now say with confidence that I can cite the majority of local acronyms and what they stand for! Do you realize how important this is!?! You really have no idea do you?
Simpson is the regional centre for the Dehcho, and where there's lots of government, there's lots of bureaucracy, and where there's lots of bureaucratic organizations, there's acronyms!
Let's see...there's LKFN, DFN, DCFC, DRC, INAC, IAND, GNWT, ENR, TJ's, LTC, CIBC, NWTel, RCMP (duh), PR, CCC, UMAYC, TSS and MACA. I know there's many more than that, but they all start to blur together after a while...
So you can see why it takes some true skill and Simpson life experience to really comprehend the enormity of acronym...ness here.
Every other company/organization/location is referred to with one word titles which also adds to the fun. Off the top of my head: Village, Rink, Northern, Housing, Nogha, Rowes, K&K, Enbridge, Daycare, Prenatal, Bompas, Nahanni, Sub, Wok, Wolverine, Kiwi, Clinic, and then there's the 2 worders: Power Corp, Liquor Store, Hardware Store, Fedeeral Building, Post Office, Great Slave, Open Sky, and the Gas Bar.
I can guarantee you that you could refer to anyone of the places I've listed above and any true Simpsonite will know where you're talking about, most of the staff that works there, and whether or not they serve (good) coffee.

Today's Fort Simpson public education announcement was brought to you by:

Super Secret Sadie...


Way Way Up said...

A lot of those acronyms still ring a bell from my Ft. Smith days. Remembering what they all mean though is something else entirely.

Mongoose said...

One time I had to pick up a shipment from ENR in Simpson, and the girl at Rowe's was trying to give me directions, but she wasn't making any sense. So I said "is it where the ENR sign is?" So she said "yeah, you go there, and then you go in there and it's there."

I see...

Meandering Michael said...

I never lived in Fort Simpson (I was just down the "Trail") but I know the acronyms.

I think the real answer to your Pop Quiz is F) When you stop asking yourself if you're an ousider.

pooch said...

At least they have a (Susan)Campbell's Imperial Bank of Commerce