Monday, February 2, 2009

MATCO hate....of a different kind

After a trip to Yellowknife that can only be described as one that will "define a nation", I am now back in Simpson! Now I'll be the first to admit that nothing about this weekend had anything to do with modifying the Charter, or taking any photographs of an important event...but I did have a fun weekend. And I just wanted to make you think I did something really huge and spectacular. But I did not.

Hell, just getting to Yellowknife did prove to be a challenge in itself. A good amount of snow did fall between here (Simpson) and Providence (the 1/2 way point between Simpson and YK), but it proved to be no match for my barrel-chested beast of a truck. I put that sucker in 4wd and was all VROOOOOM and BEEP BEEP on that sorry excuse for a highway. Except for my heater. It didn't prove to be up to the challenge. Instead, it was all "I'm ollllllld and feeble!" and kept cutting out every few minutes. I had a good laugh about it, but my passengers didn't seem to find it as funny.
So anyway, soon after we gassed up and left Providence (well, Big River to be exact) we came upon huge waves of blowing snow which reduced visibility to less than zero. (No YOU are the one who is exaggerating!)
It didn't seem to be that windy though, so once we slowed down a bit to figure out what the hell was going on, we saw that it was actually a large MATCO (a northern moving company) truck ahead of us that was causing the less-than-ideal conditions. The amount of snow he was kicking up still didn't seem right though, and upon further inspection (see: unknowingly got WAY too close to him) we discovered that he was hauling an extra trailer behind him that had NO lights/reflectors/markings of any kind. This basically made passing him impossible, and to make matters worse the driver was either a complete dickhead or lacking proper vision, and refused to move off to the side a bit so we could pass. Anywho, long story made short, it took over 8 hours to get to YK(as opposed to the 6 hours it took to get back). BLEEEEEEEEECH!
That sucked.

The rest of the weekend was great though, minus a "consultation session" with some sort of home audio expert at the electronic store. I was entertaining the idea of buying a new home theatre, and I'm not interested in buying a Home Theatre in a Box, so I was looking at picking up the required components individually. Once the clerk there found that out, they guided me and my company into one of those dimly lit audio rooms where I was promptly sat down and grilled with a variety of questions pertaining to my movie and listening interests, the dimensions of my home, if I had any cholesterol problems, and how much I could squat. If you can't tell already, it was intense. Apparently, buying home theatres is a big deal. I was given the clerks personal cell phone, told that he would come open the store after hours for me, and that he would bear my first born child. (Again, NOT exaggerating. Well, okay maybe a little bit)
Luckily my company (a female to be precise...the rest of this sentence will make much more sense for you now) was much more level headed than I at the time and recommended that maybe I should take a second to think before dropping a couple grand on something I decided that I was only kiiiiiiinda interested in mere minutes before. So I walked away empty handed. For the best I suppose...although I would like to make my ears bleed via a home theatre setup in the near future.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during my trip so this update will be one of those ho-hum-textity-text-nothing-too-eye-catching-to-see-here kind of updates. I hope to take some pictures next weekend when I head out of town again. That's right, up next on the agenda of globe-trotting Alex is a trip to La Crete, Alberta. Never heard of it? No worries, me neither! Wikipedia tells me it's a small town in northwestern Alberta that is known for a sandbar that is ever-increasing in size and causing issues for the ferry. At least that's the first thing that caught my eye in the entry...

In other news, I resumed work as usual once back from the weekend.
Monday got off to a great start as I was told by a telemarketer (or the magazine ad selling equivalent of one) to "give myself a reach-around". I'm quite sure she was referring to congratulating myself (she first said she wanted to give me a pat on the back) for having actually placed an advertisement with them several months ago, but still, could she not hear the words coming out of her mouth??
Needless to say I burst out laughing, but even then she didn't seem to clue in as she started nervously laughing as well and said "haha, yeah I guess it doesn't have quite the same effect as someone else doing it now does it?". I nodded and agreed. How could I not?

Okay, so before I go I'll post one picture...just because I hate doing an entry that has no pictures. I've been called it many a times before and the same still holds true: I am a picture whore. This one is particular is a very narrow view of Simpson from on top of the "ski hill" on the west side of the village. That body of frozen water in the middle of the picture would be the Mackenzie River. It's big...even though it doesn't look so large there.

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Tina said...

So you suck. You didn't take my challenge. You didn't even take a picture of the sign that turns to Rae. You're obviously not the man you portray yourself to be on your blog. Chicken. Poopy-head. Challenge-not-taker-chicken-poopyhead. Oh well, you probably couldn't find it anyways. :P