Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Staff meeting!

Greetings from the distant future!
Here in the month of March, the days will are longer, the temperature is ever so slightly more mild, and you now have less time to finally file those &%*$#@@ taxes!
(Note: This intro may have been much more mind-blowing and amazing if it had been posted...oh I dunno....3 weeks ago.)

Listen...blogosphere...I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I'm sorry. I know...I promised that we wouldn't get like this again, but it's tough! I've been busy! Hey yeah I KNOW it's been 3 weeks since an update. Don't you think this has been tough on me too? 3 weeks with not even a lick of (err...internet) recognition?? Yeah, it's not all about you...prick.

Hi readers, Alex here. Sorry you had to witness that.
But as you may already have figured out...I've been pretty slack on the update front. What have I been doing? Well, let me tell you!

For starters, work has actually picked up a bit, even requiring me to contribute several hours AFTER 5PM!! Huh? Nah, not many...like....3 hours maybe? What...that's busy to me!

We also had a cluster a basketball practices to make some final adjustments for the Yellowknife CAGER tournament that was held this past weekend....in Yellowknife! (gawrsh...magine that)
After another almost orgasmically pleasurable 7 hour trip (ON AN EFFIN SCHOOL BUS) from here to Yellowknife last Friday, we played 6 games over the course of 3 days and eventually we beat all the challengers and came out on top! Oh wait, actually there was this one team that beat us...and I guess it was in the final...so I guess technically you could say we finished in 2nd place. Hey I'm not going to apologize for my miswordings! Regardless, it was definitely a fun weekend, and we really came together as a team in the final couple of games. I don't want to start getting weepy (those tear stains are so damn stubborn!) but I'm really proud of all the guys on that team...I can't wait for next year!

Other than that I've still been getting outside with Sadie whenever possible...we've had a few days of supoib weather! With March new in full effect, I expect things to get even better. March is always one of my favourite months in the North...long days, still lots of snow, temperatures usually sit at a comfortable -15 or -20C. Sounds pretty sexy to me!
and yes...I do know that there is usually one more good cold snap in March...but even still, quit your hating on March!
A couple of shots from getting out snowshoeing:

and when regular hikes aren't cutting it for getting Sadie tired out...I like to encourage her to track down and attack bystanders:

Also, I've taken to wearing my glasses much more often (see: NOT 24 hours a day) as opposed to my contacts. I've really been enjoying the new found level of assumed intellect and importance that wearing my glasses in public has given me. I think that if ever some day in the future I get corrective eye surgery, I'll still wear around glasses with the lenses taken out just so people will assume I am smart. What? Until someone else has a better idea of how to make people think you're smart, I see no other alternatives.
The one problem I've noticed with wearing glasses in the North is the near constant fogging/defogging of the lenses... and it's especially problematic when out at night. Check out my sexy:

You're right, it does suck throwing up in your mouth.

So other things have been happening...but I'm having trouble remembering them. Ooh that's right, if you're wondering about the post title...I kinda feel like doing these blog updates are like staff meetings at work. If you don't hold them often and consistently, they keep getting pushed back further and further until everyone absolutely dreads them and forgets all those little things they wanted to mention. And then everyone gets all bitter about everything and you don't even get muffins or fresh fruit to snack on and you only get coffee...but what the hell? There's always coffee available! How is this special from any other day? I want my muffins dammit!!

So yeah, like I was saying...just like staff meetings.

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