Sunday, March 29, 2009

Betrayed by my closest friend...dairy!

I have only been home for a couple of hours but I already made a couple of (potentially) grave errors...

I got home, was dying for a bowl of cereal (what can I say, I'm a cheap date) so I poured a bowl, topped it up with milk from the fridge, and scarfed it down. Then I was still feeling hungry, so I ate a couple pods of yogurt (units? containers? storage receptacles?), and brewed some coffee. After I fixed my coffee up with some creamer from the fridge I slowly drank it...but noticed it had a funny hint of taste to it. By funny I of course mean rotten.
Of course, once I looked at what I was drinking I saw that the cream was all separated and floating in chunks in my coffee. *OOOOOOOOUUUEEEEEET* (my dry gagging noise)
After proclaiming a loud "WHAT THE", I ran downstairs and looked at the creamer...sure enough: expired a week ago. Then it hit me that I had already eaten 2 other dairy products since getting home. Yogurt? 4 days expired. Milk? Also 4 days expired. Eff me!

So far I'm only feeling a self induced queasiness...but I'm hoping I don't experience any non-voluntary queasiness in the next few hours.

I've said it before but now definitely warrants saying it again....


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