Sunday, March 29, 2009

Travelling in the North or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Fly

I'm all back up in Simpsizzle! (sorry)

So I'm gonna be upfront with you and let you know that I didn't take any more pictures of the sights and sounds of Yellowknife. I didn't even really experience much of all that is Caribou Carnival. In my defense though...I did go down to Range Lake (the main area of events) on Friday afternoon and there wasn't much happening so I didn't stick around for very long. So NOW who's the big jerk huh? That's right, you are.

To summarize the was great! I only feel half guilty about eating out all week because I even managed to go to the gym almost everyday, thanks to a week pass from my extremely generous girlfriend. (I am NOT sucking up...I don't think she even reads this! But just in're pretty.)
I tried to meet up with Megan of Snow Covered Hills for coffee but unfortunately she was too busy with pancakes. I'm not sure if she was eating them, making them, discussing them, or impersonating one....but I do know she was busy with pancakes. Next time!
This morning I went to the Explorer hotel for breakfast. How how nobody mentioned the many levels of awesomeness that is the breakfast buffet at the Explorer to me before?!!? I admit, it wasn't something you could go to every weekend (see: a tad pricey), but it was definitely a great venue for overindulging!

Anywho, fast forward to post-breakfast, and I made my way out to the airport for my flight home (again, thaaaaank you beautiful girlfriend! Again, not sucking up! maybe I am.).
When I get to the check-in counter the people in front of my in line were both friends from Simpson. Then, 5 min later, another friend from Simpson gets into line behind me. We all check in, then go for coffee together at the restaurant, then all board the flight together. Upon arrival in Simpson, the airport is packed with lots of familiar faces...and then I realized that I hadn't made any transportation arrangements to get home from the Simpson airport (14km outside the island). But sure enough, in true north-like manner, I get offered a ride back into town with the airport staff, and get dropped off right at my front door! On the drive back in I discussed next weekend's basketball tournament with one of the staff, who conveniently enough, I am on a team with. Once I got back into Simpson, I went and picked up Sadie from some friends who were watching her (speaking of which, she escaped from their yard this weekend for a day! I made a couple of calls and changed my status on facebook and soon enough I had a half dozen sets of eyes on the lookout for me. But luckily she arrived in the dogsitters' driveway later that day. Cunning escape artist? Sort of...). I then went to the Northern to pick up some basic groceries and was asked by one of the Northern staff where I had been since I hadn't been in all week. I don't even know her name and I don't think she knows mine.
What's the point of this rambling, disjointed, and hard to read story?...

There's small towns, and then there's the North...Canada's biggest small town!

I love this place.

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Megan said...

Yeah, I totally suck. When you called, I was just taking the last pancake out of the pan and doing the last-minute check for syrup. I didn't even think about inviting you over for pancakes until we were halfway through. This weekend has been crazy and I've been all out of sorts because of the open house.

Call me when you get back into town next weekend. I'll make supper or take you out for breakfast or whatever. I owe you one.