Friday, March 27, 2009

umm...Brownfork! No no I can do better...Teal Spatula!

Ola from the great city of Yellowknife!

I can't believe the week is almost done with...feel like I just got here. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't have the same opinion. Overlander, despite being horrible overpriced most of the time, has become a great friend to me. We tell each other secrets!

My hotel room is huuuuuuuge, but to balance out this positive there is of course a smell of onions that lurks about it. Can't have your cake and eat it too I suppose?

Today is also the start of most of the Caribou Carnival events, as there's a civic holiday this afternoon for most people in town. Yippee!
For those wondering what the eff Caribou Carnival's basically a week long winter carnival. The only thing I've participated in so far is hitting up Snowking's Ice Castle down on the lake. But daaaaamn that thing is kickass! I forgot to take my camera with picsies...*cue disappointment horn*

In a more AWESOME hotel room does have a bed! Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's right!...


Now with more girl!

Try our newest flavour: Anger!

and of course, your old favourite: Bad-photoshoppery!

and now I'm off to do some work...see you back in Simpson!

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