Friday, April 17, 2009

The city of romance, and frostbitten genitals...

As mentioned in the last post, I spent most of last week/weekend in Yellowknife.
"duhhhhh WHY" you may ask?
Excellent question! Really creative of you.

Well unfortunately, the answer isn't all that exciting...though it is heartwarming and predictable. I went in to spend time with my girlfriend...and to watch some hockey.
(ha! I saw the look on your face there. You were about to be all *insert whip noise here* but then you felt all stupid because I also watched some hockey.)

I'm sure everyone from Yellowknife was already well aware of the huge First Air Hockey Tournament taking place there last weekend...but for those who live their lives a bit less "city" (can also be pronounced "shitty"...ha I keeeeed) it's basically a big tourny with 20-some teams from all over the NWT and Nunavut. These teams are spread across something like 5 different divisions (aka skill levels) because...well come on, the population of the entire NWT and Nunavut combined is equivalent to about the population of the city of Dartmouth in Nova Scotia. There just can't be THAT many high level hockey players here.

Fort Simpson entered 2 teams, one in the "A" division and one in the "E" division. Both seemed to have a lot of fun (hahaha I KNOW, is there any lamer of a response in sports to the question: "So how did they do?"). But seriously, the players on the "E" team were there more for a good time. The "A" team, however, had strictly stated from the beginning that there was no fun to be had that weekend, and it showed as they made it all the way to the finals! Buuuuut sure enough, in what seems to be a recent trend (HS bball team, my bball team, and now the hockey team)....they lost in the final.
Ah Fort Simpson...always a bridesmaid, never a bride. *sigh*

Beside the hockey watching, my gf and I ate out lots (as per usual), went out for drinks a couple of times, and took advantage of the ever improving spring weather:

*cue studio audience response here*

Okay I'll admit, it doesn't appear very warm and spring-like in that picture. But as you may have been informed of before: a picture tells a thousand words. Now I'm going to inform you that a few of those words are "warm" and "spring-like".
You're welcome.

It's going to feel weird actually spending a full weekend here in Fort Simpson...not that I have become a Simpson hater, no no. I'm actually looking forward to it. But even still, a weekend without Tim Hortons is like a weekend without...ummmm....LIBERTY.


Susie!!! said...

Uhh...there were 5 Divisions with 8 teams in each division. So try like 40 teams Alex...FORTY!!!

Alex said... need to take up a sport to vent your aggression...why not try hockey??

Susie!!! said...

(ps- i said that in the nicest way possible)