Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh you showed up at 3pm Mountain Time Zone? Sorry but we go by Cairo Time Zone in this office...

Problem: I need to renew my vehicle registration.

Now I've had trouble trying to get into these government type offices before due to their wonky office hours trying to get my license renewed or things of that type, but I figured as long as I went after 10am and before 4pm, and NOT from 12pm to 1pm I would be okay.

So I went to the local Dept. of Transport office to renew it today, only to be told that the Motor Vehicles Registration is closed today.

So I was all "Whaaaaaaaaaaat" and the women kinda gave me a head-tilted-slowly-spoken "Yeaaaaaaaaaaah...", which only left me more confused.
I asked her when it would be open and she thought it might be open 1-4pm on Wednesday.

"That's it?!?", I responded.

"Oh no", she said, "it's also open all day Friday."

"Buuuuuut today is Friday. And it's not open."

"'s not open today." (Followed with a grinning smile of course)

A brief but non-confrontational stare off ensued for the next 15 seconds until I slowly backed out the door.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: WHAT THE GUHHHH"

Does that make sense to anyone else?


Tina said...

Yep, from what I remember from living up there, it makes TOTAL sense. :)

Mongoose said...

The one in Hay River is open regular, sensical hours, if you can get here on a week day.

Natalie said...

I hate when gov't offices in the North use Cairo Time Zone... makes it hard for us regular Joes who are not in the loop!

nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

I've actually kind of noticed a similar trend in a number of places.

My Source of Life, aka, Javaroma, was offline last Sat. I dejectedly drank my latte then went home. I went back again, Monday, same thing. So this morning I called to ask if their wifi is back up yet - not only is it not, a week later, but won't be for at least another 10 days. Huh?

And I've gone by a few stores during what - to me - are entirely normal hours. The shops around will be open, but the one I want? closed.

I guess that's what makes it have that hometown, quirky kinda feel right? yeaaaah ... that's it. That's what it is *goes home, latte in hand, dejected and bitter over wifi situation*