Monday, April 6, 2009

One step closer to looking badass...

Ola folks,
I have returned from yet another eventful trip to the glamorous metropolis of Yellowknife.
It was a weekend of cheers, jeers, floods and blood!

Although we entered the basketball tournament as a relative wild card in regards to our chances at winning, we quickly became the team to beat. Once the dust had settled from the round robin play and the first round of the playoffs, we had amassed a sparkling record of 5-0.
The which we, The Dehcho Bannock Boys aka Fort Simpson, played the Up Here Mavs, started out much the same with us gaining a quick lead and leading by about 15 points nearing the end of the 3rd quarter. (Horrible sentence structure, I know)
Then, with a few minutes left in the quarter I drove through the lane and as I went to go up (see: EXPLODE WITH ROCKET-LIKE FORCE) I unfortunately came into contact with the chin of an opposing player.
(What? You want sound effects? Ohh I about: KERRRRRSHMUCK!)
We both came out of the collision worse for the wear, with me splitting open the top of my head and quickly gaining the problem of having a leaky head. Attempts were made to stop or possibly slow down the bleeding with not much luck.
I eventually got back into the game with a couple of minutes left but alas, we were down several points by then and no attempts made by myself or my teammates to be the hero were successful.

I think the scene afterward could best be summed up by the Rolling Stones:

You can't always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes
You just might find
You'll end up with a split open head and a 2nd place finish

At least I think that's how that song goes.

Anywho getting back to me ('bout time right!? I KNOW)...against my wishes I was escorted to the hospital (I only agreed because I was dehydrated...and hungry...and doing all that complaining was taking a lot out of me) by my lovely girlfriend. After getting quickly assessed by the nurse it was decided that I would need stitches, and of course that also meant I would be spending the next several hours waiting in the Stanton Hospital waiting room. As mentioned, I was fortunate to have someone with me who made the time pass by quickly, and also was there to satisfy my ego by taking glamour shots of my wounds and sadness once I had been cleaned up a bit. Lemme explain for you.


Leads to this:

While this:

Obviously leads to this:

aka awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaah

The nurse also tried jabbed me with some needles, asking a bunch of questions and claiming something about likely needing a tetanus shot. Even though I should likely have taken great offense to this stranger pointing out inadequacies in my immune system, I'll be honest with you, I didn't do much more than repeat back to her what she was saying to me with the key exception being that I raised my voice ever so slightly to insinuate I was asking a question. She seemed pleased by my responses and continued with the jabbing of the needle.
After that, my head leaked out a bit more blood and then I was on my way to go eat some Chinese food.

Annnnnnnnnnd that my friends, was baby Alex's first Yellowknife Emergency Room trip. Yay!

There was also some insane puddles/ponds/lakes scattered throughout YK which was a lot of fun for me because my truck fit right in with the muddy appearance of the rest of the city. But that doesn't really involve me all that much...and pretty much everyone in the city likely had a similar you probably don't care about that all that much, right?...

Okay, NO, I don't know where else on the internet you could find out more about the puddles in Yellowknife.


Megan said...

You were sighted in the ER and there have been rumours about what happened to you. I admit, I suspected that you had gotten in yet another fistfight. You know, because you're such a brawler.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That looks nasty!! How did the other person make out???

Ferry Tales said...

Awesome! That will leave a great scar.