Saturday, April 18, 2009

One step up from Kinder Surprises...

So I think it's safe to say I'm anything BUT a collector. Never had the patience or the money for some thing like that. I can remember my basketball card collection as a kid...and it was pretty crummy. Same with my comic book collection. That being said, I think if I were to get into collecting something as an adult (whenever that time comes...) it would be Bosson Heads!

Not exactly the most exotic of items...but they hold a certain sentimental value for me because I always remember seeing several of them hanging over the doorway at my late grandparents' house as a kid. When my granddad passed away last summer (my grammy passed away several years ago) and I was asked if there was any items from his place that I would like, the Bosson Heads instantly stuck out in my mind.
Funnily enough though, these same things stuck out in the mind of my sister as well, so we decided that we'd each take just one or two.
There's literally dozens if not hundreds of different heads out there you can find, some much more rare.
I guess to some it might be kinda creepy that I have them hanging up on my wall beside my bed...but hey, if you're not comfortable with having a stereotypical Scotsman and a guy in a Sou'wester watching you while you sleep, I'd argue that you have some serious issues! Yeah that's right, not

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Nicole Campbell said...

hahahhaha, its funny because that is always something i would look at when i walked into his house as well was all those heads, they were just never something i would think of as a decoration but they were always there . i am glad you and jill each got some :),