Tuesday, May 12, 2009


With my blogtastic mind reading skills (which are madd skillz let me assure you. Those are not typos either. They are legit. 2 legit. Perhaps even 2 legit to consider quitting.) I am detecting that you are feeling gypped by the title of my previous post.

Misleading? Perhaps.
Needless use of punctuation and caps? A rather distinct possibility.
Obnoxiously answering my own questions with vaguely ambiguous phrases? Decidedly unsure...

Well I was truthful in saying that it was in fact the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER., because............I...got to go in a helicopter!!!

Can you tell I've never been in one before?

So cutting to the chase, here's the helicopter that was to be my chariot:

I got to go up to almost 10k feet and across the MacKenzie and then come down for a zip over the island for a total fly time of about 20min. And those 20 minutes made my weekend! So, as you may have already figured out, I could have spent the rest of the weekend picking gravel out of my sneakers and it still would have been the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. Alright, so maybe not EVER. but most definitely IN A WHILE.

Anywho, stop arguing with me, lets get on with some pictures.

Here you can see where the MacKenzie (left side) and Liard (right side) rivers meet up. It's hard to notice due to my shitty photoskills (these ones are not very madd) but the MacKenzie still has ice upstream while the Liard is ice free:

And then back for a flyby over Simpson. Almost makes it look like a busy spot...unless you're looking at the picture while sober:

What can I say, I love my limbs:

another shot of Simpson. Google Street View ain't got shit on me!

and lastly, heading back over the causeway and back to the hangar:

Getting to finally go in a helicopter has made me realize a few things.

Being a helicopter pilot has got to be one of the most bad ass jobs out there. I hope that one day when I have kids I can convince my kid to become a helicopter pilot. And I won't even care if they turn out all cocky and are a complete prick to everyone. In fact I think I'd encourage it. People could be all "hey man, your kid is an asshole. Does he think he can do whatever he wants just because he's a pilot?" and I'd be all "You're friggen right he can! That's my boy! He's FLIES HELICOPTERS buddy. IN THE AIR. DAILY." and then I'd knock the glass of water out of the person's hand or flip up the birthday cake they made into the air where it would no doubt land on their head. And then I'd prolly make out with that guy's girlfriend and then go hop in my Camero with my awesome son and high five him and drive away really fast while listening to Motley Crue or something.

Man, we're gonna be awesome. Teach those nerds real good!


Tina said...

I'm so jealous. We have a helicopter here in town but the greedy bastards are keeping it all to themselves (something about insurance, blah blah blah).

Alex said...

Who has a helicopter? The King of Spain?? Are you saying the King of Spain lives in Saskatchewan and has a helicopter that he keeps all to himself??

Melaw said...

Ehxea wants to fly helicopters.
we was stolked when we came across last weekend, and yes the best ending to any road trip is a helicopter ride for the last bit of it.

SUSIE!!!....of course said...

Hahahahah.....you said "prolly" instead of Probably...you're stupid!!!