Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Consistency is highly overrated....



Oh me? Something wrong?
Well...yes, sorta. Thanks for taking notice!

Seems I’ve got a case of the Monnnnndays (aka the lack of motivationnnndays)
Not so much writers block...I’ve been incredibly busy, but just lacking the will to blog about it.
And I've been a bit of a Debbie Downer in the last week or 2 as well. Mainly due to some physical injuries I've incurred:
-worn down tendon on the bottom of my foot makes walking difficult (getting better though...)
-build up of mucous below lip (an after effect of my memorable night back in NS before Xmas)
-pulled hamstring from improperly warming up before competing in a long-jump event (umm...I'll come back to this one later)
-just a few nights ago I did something wicked to my shoulder while hitting yet another homerun at softball (okay so maybe it was a line drive to centre field...who can be expected to remember such trivial things??) leaving me with a gimped up shoulder for the past 2 days

Sure, maybe these injuries are all a sign that I should turn it down a notch in regards to my sports involvement...but in case you can't already tell...I'd devolve (evolve? hmm...) into a lazy, overweight, and generally useless blob of existence if I didn't keep myself busy with sports. So even for the last 2 days to have to remain non-active has been torture. I mean yesterday evening I was reduced to watching How It's Made and then reading the entire Opportunities North section of the newspaper. It was hell I tells ya!!

So....the question is....what could possibly have broke me out of this blogging dry spell?...
Why dog treats of course! Ohh but not just any old dog treats....

I know what you’re thinking: Daaaamn! That’s him! The one I lust for! Oh how my loins burn!

...annnnnnd that is very weird of you.

But also...does that not seem like an odd choice for a name of dog treats?
It makes me very uncomfortable....but not in the right places.

So I tell ya what...I'll leave you with that disturbing image of a Porn Star Doggie and I will move on with my day feeling that I finally broke my Curse of No Bloggery that was cast upon me over one month ago but that evil Gypsy from southern Canada.

I mean no offense to my Gypsy readers out there.

I will update again soon!