Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cameron Falls all up in your face..DEAL WITH IT!

Alright so it appears I've pulled a 360 and not changed a thing about my deadbeat blogger ways...so instead of trying to catch up on the uncatchable...I'm scraping this whole "here's what I've been up to! doo doo la dooooooo!" nonsense and gonna live in the moment!
...with the one exception of some shots that I took a couple of weeks ago while in Yellowknife for the weekend. If you're feeling gyped by my complete inconsistency...well...then....sucks to your asthmar!

Where were we again? Ah yes:

So my girlfriend took me to a cool little spot outside of Yellowknife that's located-wait...nevermind, forget I mentioned anything about this place...

I will permit you to view upon these photos...but NO NOTEPADS OR CAMERAS WILL BE PERMITTED! Take only mental notes of these:

hey, photographers need love too.

Talk to you soon? Deal.


Megan said...

Hold on. You...were...in...Yellowknife? And didn't call?

I'm not going to yell. I'm just very sad.

Alex said...

nooo you got it all wrong!

I was in Yellowknife but just for a day and a half...so I had certain girlfriend obligations of course.

okay so maybe you didn't get it all wrong...but can't we just stop the yelling for one moment and be friends?