Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As was once said by someone far wiser than I...A good blogger is one that updates somewhat with that in mind, I gotta get back in my groooooove-thang!

Today, being Wednesday, I figured it would be an ideal day to take advantage of capitalism and have somebody else make lunch for me. I know what you're thinking: ummm Alex, even though you are incredibly good looking, surely you realize that there's no fast food joints in Fort Simpson. So prepare to be disappointed. Man you really are good looking!
Well loyal reader, how wrong you are!...about the fast food. Just the fast food. Right about everything else. *ahem*

If you're hungry or have been known to consume food in general, you may be jealous by what I am about to show you...bon appetit! (and yes, I did have to google bon appetit to make sure it wasn't actually spelled delicious as that may sound)

NOM NOM NOM am I right?


Well I thought so at least...

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Tina said...

LOVE the Northern!! :)