Tuesday, September 1, 2009


10011! 10011!

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hey! hey!
(Sorry about the binary stuff there...you pompous Canadians seem to think simply everyone should use the Roman Alphabet)

It's me. Alex is Up North. No no, not Alex the blogger...it's me...the blog.

That deadbeat of a blogging prick Alex won't get his ass in gear and update me so I've become self-aware and employed the services of my good friend Knorben Knussen and switched his morning coffee with new Columbian Decaf Coffee Crystals to teach him a lesson. I'll admit...things didn't go exactly as...uhh....planned. But after some clean up, he seems to have smartened up and be ready to be faithful to me, and more importantly, to you, (the likely lone remaining) reader.

Stay tuned for a back-to-school summer vacation update extravagannnnnnnnzaaaaaaaaa!

On a completely unrelated note...

Thank you.

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1 comment:

Megan said...

Tell him he made The List, so he'd better come back and play with the rest of us.